Comparison and contrast between Night by Elie Wiesel and Life is beautiful by Robert Benigini.

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Comparison and contrast between ‘Night’ by Elie Wiesel and ‘Life is beautiful’ by Robert Benigini.

     Night’ is a book by Elie Wiesel in which he describes his experience of being sent to the German concentrations camps during the Holocaust. The book starts when he with his family lived in Sighet, an area in Hungary. In addition, German and the Hungarian police set up the ghettoes where all Jews lived. This book tells us his story from being setting up the ghettoes until the end of the holocaust.

     ‘Life is beautiful’ is a film by Robert Benigini based on the Holocaust in the funny version so that the viewers do not get bored. It is a story of Guido who is a young Italian Jew and starts loving a lady. With the help of the funny version of the movie, he tries to tell the audience ‘how the Jews were sent to the concentration camps and how he saved his son’s life?’

Comparison and contrast between Elie Wiesel of ‘Night’ and Joshua of ‘Life is beautiful’.

     Elie plays the role of main character and the narrator of the story in Night and Joshua is not the main character of the story but he is the narrator of the story as well. We came across this when at the start of the movie, in a voice; a man describes the ensuing movie as his memory of past events and at the end of the story when he says, “This was the sacrifice made by my father”. However, both are the narrator of the stories. Night is a story based on Elie’s point of view and Life is beautiful is a story based on Guido’s, his father, point of view, not on his.

    Both were Jewish and taken to a concentration camp. In spite of being Jewish, both of their lives were quite different from each other in the camps, as Elie knew about everything happening around him and has to help himself in order to survive but on the other side we know that Joshua never came to know about the reality of concentration camp. Therefore, it was very different ‘how both of them led their life in the camps?’ Joshua had to hide, as his father said him so but Elie had to work and stay likes other prisoners.  The main thing was common in them that they both were children, who were meant to be killed at the beginning; somehow, they got rid of it and started living in the camp. Elie survived by telling the guards that he is eighteen, so he was not killed and Joshua survived because he hid as he followed the order of his father. As you can see, the survival of Joshua is quite unrealistic because he hid in the compartments of the adult prisoners. However, in the Night, it was very different everybody only cared for himself and tried to snatch food from the weaker ones. In case of Joshua, this did not happen, rather it seemed like that everybody was fine with his secret of being hidden. Moreover, none tried to snatch the food from others. However, both of them led a different life in the camps.

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    Both of them had to leave their mother at the arrival to the camp and stay with their fathers. Though Elie lived with his father, he had to work and was himself responsible for everything that happened to him but Joshua was the responsibility of his father, who was the cause of his survival. We know that Elie always had to try hard in order to see his father, as they were separated at Buna concentration camp and put into the different blocks. Joshua always stayed with his father although he was supposed to be killed at the ...

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