Conflict in Ireland.

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There has been conflict in Ireland for hundreds of years. These disputes are mostly down to the want of power between religions. The Catholics were originally in charge of Ireland, before the Protestants tried to take over from Britain. The division between the two religions caused a lot of violence which lead to many consequences. The battle of Boyne was the first dispute between Catholics and Protestants, which was caused when King James tried to increase Catholics power in Ireland and attacked the Protestants. However, this didn’t stop the conflict as Catholics felt isolated and underprivileged, which soon lead to more violence. The partition then took place, as another solution to end the disputes between Catholics and Protestants. As the Partition failed to succeed, the bloody Sunday took place, where 13 marchers were consequently killed. All three of these events are the results of the conflict between the two religions of Protestants and Catholics.

The battle of Boyne took place in 1988-89, which was caused by the catholic and new king, James. The parliament at the time, were Protestants and felt that James would try to attack protestant faith, and lead without the parliament. This caused the parliament to rebel against him, and to protect their liberty, deposed him. The nobles then asked James’s daughter, and her husband William of Orange to rule.

James decided he wanted to re-gain the throne, and traveled to Ireland in search for support. Louis XIV, who was a close friend of James and a bitter enemy of William, supplied him with troops and ships.

Instead of going to fight in England to re-gain his throne, he went to Ireland to gain support of Catholics to increase his strength.

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James then went to Londonderry, and fought the Protestants. When approached the City, it almost fell without a Fight. However at the last moment, the apprentice boys shut the gates to the city. This caused a long siege from April to July, where the citizens to suffered terribly.

The Siege allowed enough time for William to send his forces to Ireland. These included troops sent by the head of Roman Catholic Church, Alexander pope.

William defeated James at the battle of Boyne in 1890, but his troops weren’t defeated until the following year.

The Boyne war officially ended ...

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