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Creative piece- diary from the Warsaw Ghetto.

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Warsaw Ghetto Diary 22 September, 1939 Dear Diary, It's my birthday today! I'm fifteen. I am not very happy though. This is a bad day to have a bad day to have a birthday on. The rules regarding the treatment of us Jews has just been printed in today's newspapers. All of these rules are ridiculous. It's not like were animals or scavengers we are real people. They are feeding people with lies about us Jews like 'the Jew is filthy; the Jew is a swindler and evil; the Jew is the enemy of Germany and undermines its existence; the Jew was the prime mover in the Versailles Treaty, which reduced Germany to a shambles; the Jew is Satan, who sows dissension between the nations, arousing them to bloodshed in order to profit from their destruction'- this was all written in the Warsaw times. However, I have to say I expected this, with all that has happened to the Jews in Germany. I just didn't really believe it would happen to us. When we heard about the British helping to fight for us against the Germans we were glad, mum says to keep our hopes up and that we won't end up like the Jews in Germany. However I doubt that the British will do much help as the Germans are clever and sly. There are rumours going round about the Germans plans to get rid of us. ...read more.


The Nazis threaten us; they cold bloodedly kill for no reason. We are in constant fear for our lives. It becomes unbearable. Sometimes, I feel as it was my fault and that I deserve all that is happening. 11th July 1941 Dear Diary, The Jewish council in our ghetto are organising secret schools, so that we can learn. The school is disguised as soup kitchen. It is on the other side of the ghetto. So I have to go past the dreadful crossing where the Nazis humiliate us. We have to go 2 hours early as the train times are not fixed. We only have simple lessons which are not fixed as sometimes they are cancelled. Going to school makes life feel more normal. However it is different to normal school as we are always afraid. We try to keep our spirits up but it is always hard. Sometimes we go to the busy crossing just to listen to the symphony orchestra play. There are many activities that my parents can go to. For example, the entertainment at the local cafe. This poster is an advert for a music night at the caf´┐Ż at the corner of the road. 18th December 1941 Dear Diary, We are still able to carry on with our religion secretly. We can still celebrate our religious festivals; however we have to keep on close guard. Celebrating important religious festivals is helpful in keeping the Jewish resistance going as it helps restore faith in god and in our religion, and it makes us strongly believe and trust our faith. ...read more.


Tonight we learnt that we were now selected to go to the labour camps in the east. I am more scared than ever before. What if all my thoughts were true and we were going to be killed. There are many rumours going around that the Nazis are trying to exterminate us as if we are rats. 7th August 1942 Dear Diary, As we are now waiting for the transport to take us to the camps in the east, we are weak and frail and have no clue of what is going to happen. Many people around us are crying and wailing out for help. We are all praying to God to show mercy. But God is silent and does not answer. I hope I am kept together with my family. The Jewish policeman says it will be a better life but somehow I do not believe him. This is an identity card I found on the floor, who knows what happened to this man as he waited to be deported. I cannot write anymore, there is no more time. I just hope this diary can live on and someone has the chance to read it and learn about how life was in the ghetto. I we all die, and then at least people can remember that we existed. We will be getting on to the train soon, who knows what faces us. I must say goodbye now. Farewell diary, you have allowed me to write my inner most thoughts and you have kept my spirits up in these troubled years in this prison that is the ghetto. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Germany 1918-1939 section.

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