Did Martin Luther King Jr transform the lives of black America?

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Source A is a US Government Report from 1947 titled 'To secure these rights'. There are two diagrams depicted in shown section of the report. The part of it that is shown has the writing 'The Nations Capital. A symbol of freedom and equality?'

The first picture describes a Negroes journey from North to South. In the North we can see that the transport is shared between both Negroes and Whites. As they get further South into Washington. D.C., they must change to 'Jim Crow' trains. Jim Crow trains were the trains that Negroes were made to use. They were of a lower standard than the transport provided for the Whites.

First of all the source gives me the impression that at that time the white Americans were the ones who were the more powerful. If the black Americans had been as powerful then there would either have been a civil war or there wouldn't have been any problems.

It also shows me that the white Americans still had no respect for the black Americans. They still treated them as slaves. They didn't allow them the most simplest of public facilities.

But it does show us that the government knew about these problems, it is from a 1947 US government report. It was questioning the equality of black Americans. I think this shows us that the American Government knew it wasn't fair but decided not to change it because they knew that it would cause trouble amongst the white Americans who were often killing black Americans.
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Source B shows a leaflet issued by the Women's Political Council in December 1955. It was calling for a boycott of the Montgomery buses. The reason for the boycott was that the law said that black passengers were to give up their seat to white passengers.

The rules about bus regulations were very strict even going upto the point where 'No black passenger was allowed to sit parallel to a white passenger'. The blacks had to obey orders from the white bus drivers who were often rude to them.

Recently black people had refused ...

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