Did the German people benefit from the Nazi rule in the period 1933 - 39?

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Did the German people benefit from the Nazi rule in the period 1933 – 39?

No historian can accurately say that German people either did or did not benefit from the Nazi regime 1933 – 39, because neither statement is entirely true. Under the totalitarian dictatorship directed by Adolf Hitler for a large part of those years, hundreds of thousands of Germans died as a direct result of the National Socialist German Workers Party’s policies, and yet hundreds of thousands of Germans became more prosperous and indeed worked their way into much more prominent positions of power.

The Nazis were elected democratically by the German people, by the very means that they would immediately destroy upon their arrival as German’s main party government, with Hitler, in control of the Reichstag as their party leader and the Chancellor of Germany. Within a year and a half, he became President of Germany, and Nazi control of Germany became complete. The lives of all Germans changed drastically, from livelihoods to their behaviour in their own homes.

Persecution was one of the main themes of the Nazi dictatorship. Persecution of those whom Hitler and his closest allies deemed to be unnatural or inferior to the German race.

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His main target was the Jews. Most of the ‘Jews’ were perfectly normal, every – day proud German citizens who thought themselves as German as everyone else. They didn’t even have to be practicing Judaism; Hitler’s guideline on determining whether or whether not they were a Jew was if one of their grandparents were Jews; anything more than ¼ of Jewish blood. Hitler had an obsession with the Jews, and blood. He had long blamed the Jews for Germany’s defeat in the First World War, as well as the hyperinflation that had taken place afterwards. He wanted all of Germany ...

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