Dunkirk and the battle of Britain Sources Questions

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Dunkirk and the battle of Britain

By jay lewis 11vb

  1. How useful is sources A, B and C in understanding what the battle for Dunkirk was like? Explain your answer.

Source A is useful in the effect of giving us a first hand account of the events that occurred. The only problem with this source is that we don’t know if it applied to many people, or if it just applied to Commander Thomas Kerr. We also need to know the date that this source was written to find out how accurate it really is. Source B also gives us a first hand account of what happened on the beach. But also, only gives us one mans views of what he was experiencing and we don’t know how popular this sort of thing was, we would need more evidence to find out how useful this source is. Source C unfolds one mans views of a brave soldier attacking many planes. But this source may have only applied to this certain individual.  After long hard thort, I have come to the conclusion that source B and C supports each other in the sense that the British army are fighting back. But sources B and C don’t support source A.

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  1. “Dunkirk was a great deliverance and a great disaster.” Is there any sufficient evidence in sources d-j to support this interpretation? Use the sources and your own knowledge to explain your answer.

This interpretation is correct in the sense that Dunkirk was a triumph and a disaster. It was written by A.J.P Taylor.  Although at the time of Dunkirk it was only seen by people as a great triumph. Only after time as historians studied sources the thought of disaster was introduced.

        Source D shows the beaches with people being rescued from them. It also shows plains bombing. ...

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