'Dunkirkwas a great deliverance and a great disaster' (AJP Taylor) Is there sufficient evidence in sources D to J to support this interpretation?

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‘Dunkirk was a great deliverance and a great disaster’ (AJP Taylor) I s there sufficient evidence in sources D to J to support this interpretation?

Source D is a contemporary painting of troops being rescued from the Dunkirk beaches, by Charles Cundall. He was a painter for the government so this painting could be less reliable as he could have been painting what the government wanted him to paint. There are soldiers waiting for vessels of all sizes to come and save them. I know that this did happen. This shows deliverance as the civilians are coming all the way to Dunkirk to save their soldiers. The disaster is shown by the bellowing smoke, I know that this was there as the RAF and Luftwaffe were involved in an air battle causing explosions. The source agrees with AJP as it is portraying smoke for the disaster and sunshine for the deliverance.

Source E is a photograph of the Dunkirk beaches. The troops are waiting to be collected and took back home. I do not know the provenance of this source. I know that the German troops are not over head as they are all calm and in line. I would not have thought that this would have been the case as the Germans were firing at them a lot of the time. It all seems way to calm so this decreases its reliability as it does not match with my own knowledge of what Dunkirk was like. But if this was not set up then this source shows deliverance as they are all orderly as they are showing that they cannot be beaten. The rocks look artificial and I think that they may be there to hide something, perhaps dead bodies that they do not wish to show to the public. This is a sign of disaster as people have died because of this. So yet again this source agrees with AJP.

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Source F is a photograph taken of British troops at Dunkirk firing on German planes. I do not know the provenance of this source; this decreases the reliability of it as we do not know whether it was a British or German photographer. I know from my own knowledge that the British soldiers were desperate to save their lives and this source proves that point. The soldiers but are desperate if they are trying to protect themselves with only an air rifle. This shows disaster as an air rifle is all they have to protect themselves but also deliverance ...

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