Explain how the Treaty of Versailles created problems for Germany between 1919-24.

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Explain how the Treaty of Versailles created problems for Germany between 1919-24

Germany’s problems created by the Treaty of Versailles began in 1918 when the American president Woodrill Wilson announced that Germany’s government must be made more democratic before they could even start talking about wars. He said that Kaiser Wilhelm must give up some of their power and that the Reichstag must have a greater share in running the country.

The Kaiser refused to make any changes and encouraged by his fellow socialists and communists. People began to talk of throwing him in a revolution.

This led to the start of mutiny in Germany, which began on the 28th October 1918 when Germany’s navy chiefs ordered the warships in Kiel port to put to sea for battle with the British. Within 6 days hundreds of Germany cities had joined in with the mutiny.

There was nothing Kaiser Wilhelm could do to control his country and so on the 10th November 1918 he was abdicated. He boarded a train to Holland and was never seen again.

This caused Germany great problems as they were now faced with no leader the German people were free to run riot, and this is exactly what they did. Many riots on German streets, murder, and violence were occurring more and more frequently and so Germany needed to elect a new leader fast. So in February 1919 Freidrich Ebert was elected Germany’s president.

The new socialist leader tried to calm the situation in Germany but failed terribly when the socialists split into two groups and disagreed about Germany’s future. The spartacists wanted Germany to be run by the councils and the social democrats wanted an elected parliament to make decisions about the country’s future. The two groups clashed.

Ebert settled the groups down and everything seemed fined until 23rd December 1918 when a thousand hungry and unpaid soldiers broke into the government’s headquarters. They held Ebert prisoner demanding more pay. Many more soldiers joined in the revolt and so on the end Ebert had to give into them. On New Years Eve the spartacists renamed themselves the German communist party and decided to work for a communist revolution.

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Ebert gained the support of free corps who helped him fight off the spartacists, and on the 10th of January 2000 of them attacked the spartacists in Berlin. There was bitter street fighting for the next 3 days.

The Separacist’s revolution failed and Ebert held elections for his parliament. The new German republic was named the Weinmar Republic.

In March 1919 the Weinmar Republic was faced with violence when the communists organized strikes in Berlin in another attempt to seize power.

The next threat to the Weinmar Republic came form the southern province of Bavaria. The independent socialists in Bavaria had ...

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