Explain the main features of the economic boom in the 1920's

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  1. Explain the main features of the economic boom in the 1920’s.

During the 1920’s America was a changed country. It was going through a period, which was known as the ‘economic boom’. The reason for this boom was that America had worlds newly found technology, which enabled them to produce lots off goods; also the Americans had found new production methods. The American boom involved a lot of things such as: increased amount of money in the economy, the vast development of technology, loan repayments, huge increase in employment and the start or expansion of businesses.

    One of the main features of the ‘boom’ was mass production. It helped boost the number of goods made. Huge factories were built in America to carry out mass production. The biggest and new product introduced to the Americans was the T-Ford made by Henry Ford. Ford was the one who came with the idea of the ‘Moving Assembly Line’, which is even used till this, very day. Workers would do the same job by the materials being bought to them by a moving conniver belt, instead of the employees moving around and carrying out different jobs. With the ‘Moving Assembly Line’ Henry Ford could now produce about 9000 cars a day.

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   By the car industry now booming due to Henry Fords genius thinking, Ford then created jobs for other industries like steel, glass, rubber and oil. The rubber, steel and glass were need by Ford to build the cars. This then had a knock on effect on other companies, which saved raw materials, manufacturing them and to the people who delivered them to the companies. The demand now was high. Another company that was affected by the mass production of the cars was the road industry. Before the Ford was built there was no need for the roads because there ...

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