Explain the main features of the roaring twenties in America during the 1920's.

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Explain the main features of the roaring twenties in America during the 1920’s.

By the end of the First World War America was regarded as the most powerful and richest country in the world. In the 1920’s the United States economy was booming. This is a period of prosperity, when the country’s economy is doing well and the people are sharing in it. This period was known as the ‘roaring twenties’. In this period many jobs were made more secure, many families had more to eat, electricity was widespread, many people had more leisure time and most had more money to spend. It changed the way people thought and lived their lives and was a great difference to suffering that World War 1 brought Cities were expanding outwards, and more and more people took advantage of this. Normal citizens started up new businesses in entertainment industry, which was proving to be very successful.

During the 1920’s, more Americans lived in towns and cities for the first time in the history of its country. New York was a popular choice because of its huge skyscrapers, which became possible because of the large number of people moving to cities to look for jobs.  This imposed a powerful symbol at that time. Many cities wanted to be just like New York to show they were also sharing in Americas boom. Many rural areas did not like this idea. They thought the ‘boom’ cities were not following the prohibition laws and therefore they were corrupt and full of drink and crime.

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Entertainment played a huge roll for many people at the time. Workers wages increased and the average number of hours worked a week dropped. This meant there was a lot of people with extra spare time which was channelled into the entertainment industry, benefiting the industry in 2 ways; creating more jobs which is what people from urban areas were looking for, and creating a good profit for themselves This was a key feature in influencing people into starting new business with new ideas and thoughts being used and also attracted people into the cities with an idea that ...

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