Explain the purpose of Nazi policy to young people - How successful was this policy?

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Hitler and the Nazis had strong ideals for their country.  These ideals they believed would make Germany a great country again.

The Nazis wanted to create a true “national community”, a “Master Race” not polluted with what they called inferior races such as Jews, gypsies and so on.  They indoctrinated the German public.  No other ideas or opinions would be tolerated.  Hitler wanted to indoctrinate a sense of loyalty into people.  Loyalty should be to him and the State above all other loyalties.

Many older people were sceptical of the Nazis and their ideas.  They had formed their own opinions and beliefs and did not all agree with Hitler.  This is the reason Hitler targeted the young.  Children were too young to have formed their own ideas and beliefs so the Nazis concentrated their efforts on the young.  Education was the main way that Hitler spread Nazi ideas.  Nearly all the teachers 97% were enrolled in the Nazi Teachers Association.

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The Nazis believed that a strong mind can only be found in a strong body.   Sport was emphasized a lot.  Because Hitler wanted to make boys fit for war and girls fit for childbirth.   History, biology and German language were essential in the Nazi vision of education.  Biology was important to study race for Hitler said that the primary gain of the education system was to install racial consciousness into every student.

The Hitler youth organizations taught children loyalty to Hitler and trained them in military skills.  Hitler answered the question ‘what is the purpose of ...

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