Explain Why The Napoleonic Wars Happened.

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Explain why the Napoleonic wars happened

The Napoleonic wars were a series of wars fought against other countries by Napoleon when he came into power. Its dates were approximately from 1799-1815, although this is hotly debated. There are many possible causes for this series of battles, including its preceding French Revolutionary Wars, the French Revolution, Napoleon’s personality, and even the birth of Napoleon himself. This essay will argue that the French Revolution was the main cause of the Napoleonic wars, as without the revolution, the king would still have been leader and none of the other factors would have mattered.

The French Revolution was the main reason for the Napoleonic wars because of the impact it had on the rest of Europe. In the French revolution, the Head of state, the Monarch, lost their power, and the common people took over with the ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Afraid that the same ideals would be adopted by their own citizens, the other European countries went to war with France, which ultimately led on to the Napoleonic Wars. Had the other European countries not been angry with France with their revolution, the wars that succeeded the French Revolution would probably never have happened. Therefore, the French revolution was the most important reason to start the Napoleonic Wars. However, there are some other reasons that needed to go along with the French Revolution in order for the Napoleonic Wars to occur, including the French Revolutionary Wars.

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The French Revolutionary Wars were also a significant cause of the Napoleonic Wars, but they were not as important as the French Revolution. In the French Revolutionary Wars, Napoleon rose up the ranks in the army, and established himself to be a good leader. In these Wars, France faced the First and Second Coalitions, with its main members being the United Kingdom, Russia, Prussia, Sardinia, Naples, Spain and Portugal. During these wars, the size of the French Army was huge, mainly due to conscription (the forcing of civilians to join war). Despite this, the French lose vast amounts of Germany ...

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