Factors in Hitler's consolidation of power

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After becoming Chancellor in 1933 Hitler had to consolidate his power.

. Briefly describe the events in 1932-33 that led to Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor.

[5 marks]

Von Papen was appointed Chancellor in 1932, even though the Nazi’s was the party with the most seat and therefore Hitler should have been Chancellor. Von Papen could not control the Nazi’s so Von Schleicher became Chancellor, however Von Schleicher could not control the Nazi’s either. Von Papen advised Hindenburg to appoint Hitler as Chancellor to keep the Nazi’s under control and allow him to be Vice Chancellor. This way Hindenburg could control Hitler and Von Papen could also have some say in what happens. Hindenburg went along with Von Papen’s idea and appointed Hitler as Chancellor, with Von Papen as Vice Chancellor, on January 30th, 1933.
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. Explain why the Reichstag Fire was important to Hitler?

[7 marks]

The Reichstag fire was important to Hitler because it enabled him to get rid of the communist opposition party. The fire happened in 1934 and a Dutch communist (Van der Lubbe) was found nearby after the fire, as the people were scared and hoping nothing like this would happen again it was easy for Hitler to convince President Hindenburg to pass the emergency decree which frightened many communists because it meant their houses could be searched and they could be arrested at any time ...

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