Factsheet Based on the Romans

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Factsheet about Ancient Rome This Factsheet is produced by Me, Gautam Chadha but I have not physically found out any of this information. It has been found on the internet. There is a full Bibliography on page .. that includes all the sources of the information used in this factsheet. A tells us that Rome was formed by two twin brother, Romulus and Remus.The legend also suggests that they (Romulus and Remus) were abandoned by their parents and raised by a single wolf.Remus and Romulus argued over the boundaries of this city.The city of Rome formed from a small village.Romulus killed Remus because they kept
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arguing about the boundaries of the city therefor it was name Rome was named after Romulus.In 206 B.C. the Romans built fleet of ships to fight the Carthaginians (People of ancient Carthage, a city in Africa).After the Romans won the war it forced the opposing country to move to Spain.It can still not be determined if the legend is based on real facts.By 250 B.C., the Romans ruled every single cm of Italy.By 100B.C. The government started to become very corrupt and greedy by taking an unimaginable amount of tax.In 204 B.C. when the Romans attacked Carthage Hannibal tried to ...

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