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Full Metal Jacket: Vietnam

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Full Metal Jacket * What is the attitude of the director of the film Full Metal Jacket (Stanley Kubrick) to the war in Vietnam? * From your studies of this topic would you agree with his interpretation? Full metal jacket directed by Stanley Kubrick. It was a war movie based on the United States Marine Corps (USMC) those were in Vietnam to fight. Stanley Kubrick split the movie in two parts to show to his viewers' everything about war. In the first part is about training and the other part was about the soldiers in Vietnam and that is when the Tet offensive happened. Tet offensive happened between 20 and 23 September. As I said before the movie was in two parts so the first part was all about training, how soldiers were treated by their leaders (Instructor) and how strict were their instructor. ...read more.


'Private Pyle' Pratt who wasn't that good in training and joker cared of and helped him in everything for an example when the Leonard 'Private Pyle' Pratt was hit by all soldiers with the soaps and towels and he didn't want to hit but he was focused to hit and he also had a serious and independent role that was shown when the general focused him to believe in Virgin Marry but he didn't change his point of view and this shows that he wasn't scared of anything. In the war he made jokes of enemies to make everyone happy. Stanley Kubrick described the attitude of American soldiers to the enemy was quiet friendly it was shown when the Vietnamese soldier was asking to kill her but American soldiers did not want to kill her even though she killed two American soldiers cruelly and the director showed the Vietnamese were unkind for example the places they set the booty traps to kill their enemies ...read more.


Americans didn't care about women they shot her well enemies are enemies no matter who they are and what s*x they are. This shows that either of the directors have the same opinion about the war. John Wayne was also a soldier himself while Stanley Kubrick was only a director. What I personally think is Stanley Kubrick is right in some ways about the war like training and treating of soldiers at camps though John Wayne didn't have anything like it in his film. So I liked the Full Metal Jacket it was well set up by Stanley Kubrick, he showed all step by step. First the soldiers trained hard and then went to war to fight their enemy although it was not shown in Green Beret. Stanley Kubrick shown many good examples of war in the movie like booty trap one when the American soldier blew up when he held the doll. Not finshed... imminent ?? ?? ?? ?? OMAR ALOKOZAY 11K 1 ...read more.

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