German people benefited from the Nazi rule. Do you agree?

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“German people benefited from the Nazi rule.” Do you agree?

To what extent did German people benefit from the Nazi rule 1933-1939?

When in power, the Nazis were determined to create a Volksgeminschaft in Germany, in which everyone would benefit from Nazi rule, but in reality that was not the case. Even the Nazi propaganda led people believe that the country was benefiting enormously from the Nazi rule. When the Nazis came in power, they did step up a number of polices that would seem attractive to people and to some extent the German public did benefit from their rule. Furthermore, many of the social groups lost many of their right, while others like Jews and Communist were not considered a part of the Volksgeminschaft and were aggressively discriminated against. Perhaps we can say that the group the benefited the most were the industrialists and the army.  

The industrialists and the army were the groups that benefited from the Nazi policies. When the Nazis came in power, all trade unions were disbanded during the Gleichschaltung; this meant that the big business owners did not have worry about workers going on strike. The massive rearmament plane that was introduced to prepare for war allowed different industries in Germany to flourish as there was massive production of munitions, chemicals and uniforms. Companies like I G Farben and the chemical giant made enormous profits from making explosives and artificial oil form coals. The industrialists were also grateful as the Nazis eliminated by the Nazis. Nevertheless, the big businesses owners were benefiting however the small business in Germany were suffering during the Nazi rule. However, despite Hitler’s promises, small businesses were suffering due to competition from, large departmental stores and eventually started to shut down. The army benefited enormously from the Nazis rule due to their aim of regaining Germany’s lost pride. The Nazis introduced conscription and the four year plan, which allowed the army to build up and raise their profile. After the Night of the Long Knives, the SA was removed which allowed the army to regain their influence in the country. However, the army had to swear a loyalty oath to Hitler which many of the army did not like, but they were initially happy with their growing strength. Therefore, we can say that the industrialists and the army were happy during the Nazi rule in Germany, but we must also take in account the other social group in Germany. Perhaps, we can say that the German workers, to some extent, did benefit from the Nazi policies.

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Before the Nazis came in power, there was a period of high unemployment in Germany, however when the Nazis came in power they promised the German working class to eradicate the problem of unemployment. The German workers were really important to Hitler as their hard work would allow Germany to recover and become great again. There were a number of policies that the Nazis brought up which to some degree did benefit the working class. In order to tackle unemployment, the Nazis came up with a range of ideas like conscription, rearmament and the four year plan. Due to conscription, ...

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