"Germany was responsible for causing the 1st World War" Do you agree?

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“Germany was responsible for causing the 1st World War” Do you agree?


The world fell into war in 1914, due to a series of events throughout Europe.  This is an essay to explore whether Germany was the cause of the 1st world war.  

Germany was responsible for creating a lot of the tension in Europe leading up to the 1st world war.  In 1906 Kaiser Wilhelm II built the ‘dreadnoughts’, there was no apparent reason for the building of these ships, but to instil fear in Germany’s enemies.   The ‘dreadnoughts’ were seen as naval rivalry and a means of Germany stating that they were more powerful than any other country.  The building of the ‘dreadnoughts’ started off a naval race between England and Germany, to see who could manufacture the largest and most impressive system of ships.  

In 1870 Prussia, in Germany, conquered Alsace-Lorraine, in France.  Alsace-Lorraine was a highly desirable place to conquer; it had excellent coalmines and iron mines ideal for manufacturing steel.   France was furious that the Germans, and Wilhelm I, had taken Alsace-Lorraine, and were eager for revenge, and to reclaim Alsace-Lorraine.  This conquering of Alsace- Lorraine started of hatred between Germany and France. This added to the European tension.  

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Germany sought coalition with Austria-Hungary and Russia forming an alliance called the ‘Drei Kaiser Bund’ or the ‘three Emperors league’.  This alliance was rival to France.  Germany didn’t ask Britain to join in the alliance as it had a small army, and wasn’t particularly interested in getting involved in European disputes.   France was deterred by this alliance and didn’t act for a long time.  

When Kaiser Wilhelm I died Frederic William succeeded him, but he didn’t live for very long and, Frederic Williams’ son, Kaiser Wilhelm the II, inherited the throne.  Wilhelm II not long after inheriting the ...

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