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GCSE: History Projects

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  1. Evaluate the arguments for and against oral history as an historical method.

    The major dilema found with history is that it is often dictated by the dominate culture and its government, reciding over all in their known world. Opinions of civilization has changed with time as white civilization onced viewed Australian aboriginals as the most barbaric and primitive culture on earth, however we now realise we gave them little chance of survival when their enviroment began to change, disturbing their delicate balance with nature that had been established for thousands of years.

    • Word count: 2110
  2. The New Poor Law Of 1834 Coursework Assignments - Study Source P; use the sources, and your knowledge, to explain whether the cartoonist (Source P) gives an accurate representation of the changes brought about by the Poor Law Act of 1834.

    The drawing depicts a prison like cell, with bars on the windows and manacles on the wall. This is completely false, the buildings from the outside were designed to look like prisons but that is as far as the likeness went. The inmate is shown in rags, trying to invoke sympathy in the viewer. They would have actually worn a uniform, and no their own clothes. The food on the table is only a piece of bread, not a Christmas meal.

    • Word count: 2068
  3. Jack the Ripper ¨C History Coursework

    This article leads you to believe that it is the work of a demented serial killer that also murdered Martha Tabram, this is because they are always referring to the 'two' murders. All of this information however is written by a newspaper and therefore it is not necessarily to be relied upon. 2. Source C is an in-depth description of the murdered body of Elizabeth Stride. Seeing as both sources A and B are about the deaths of Polly Nicholls and Martha Tabram the information regarding the position of Elizabeth Stride's body in Source C cannot support the information in either Source A or B.

    • Word count: 2220
  4. What impressions do you receive from this passage of the four English characters involved? Comment on the atmosphere and effect of this episode and the means by which Forster achieves them.

    but also of the split: the superior attitude, the confident advice, all somehow reflect a youth's disdain of age. Equally possible, however, is that he was merely seeing Fielding as a social inferior since the latter had never really been accepted among the other Anglo-Indians. Whatever the case, Ronny here is shown to be a sheep-blinding himself to other choices and possibilities, his entire scale on which Indians were measured not a matter of 'innocent or guilty', but rather 'how guilty', to follow the herd. This herd of white woolly-brained animals huddles together in the face of threat, a role reserved for the Indians in the novel, and protects itself by avoiding them as far as possible, and pretending they do not exist or matter.

    • Word count: 2907
  5. How do Roman fish sauces compare with sauces today?

    Some people add old wine, two pints to the pint of fish. The best garum, called haimation, is made as follows: take the entrails of a tunny fish and its gills, juice and blood, and add sufficient salt. And leave it in a vessel for two months at most. Then pierce the vessel and the garum called haimation will flow out." "If you wish to use the garum at once i.e., not expose it to the sun, but boil it - make it in the following manner: Take brine and test its strength by throwing an egg into it to try if it floats; if it sinks the brine does not contain enough salt.

    • Word count: 2215
  6. Jack the Ripper History Coursework

    Source B is a coroners report on the death of Polly Nicholls. Source A is an article from the newspaper describing the murders of Martha Tabram and Polly Nicholls. Source C supports the evidence in source B, they both describe the how the ripper had 'anatomical skill and knowledge' and how much preparation had been put into the murders. Source C talks about the incision which cut the windpipe 'completely in two' which shows that this was a planned and not frenzied like the one described in source A, because if this would have been the case the windpipe would not have been cut completely in two because it would have been done much quicker.

    • Word count: 2521
  7. The Impacts of crusades on European and Middle Eastern Historical development.

    Also during the Second Crusade the Muslim named Saladin gained control over all of Jerusalem. This occurrence became a source of great turmoil in the Church. The Third Crusade was called for to remedy the taking of Jerusalem. During this Crusade Saladin, the Muslim who now controlled Jerusalem and King Richard, who was one of the leaders of the Crusade became good friends, the result of the Third Crusade was that the Muslims remained in control of Jerusalem however unlike previously, the Christians were free to visit anytime they wanted without fear of persecution (Hamilton, The Crusades, p 4-8)

    • Word count: 2571
  8. Was Pontefract Castle Once ‘the Greatest Castle In the North'?

    WHAT GREATNESS CONSISTS OF The bullet points below are, in my opinion, what greatness consists of in relation to Castles and, as I said before many people have many different ideas as to what greatness consists of: Were the Castles Royal Castles The size of the Castle. Was the Castle ever used in battle. The cost to build and demolish the Castle. The importance of the Castle, past and present. Were the Castles ever besieged. Where they are built. Why they were built.

    • Word count: 2127
  9. History Sources Question : Murder in the East End

    Question 2. Study sources A, B and C Does the evidence of source C support the evidence of source A and B about the Ripper murders? Explain your answers. Source C bears a greater resemblance to source B than it does to source A. This is because sources B and C are both official reports, C being written by the Coroner and B by Dr. Frederick Blackwell, their purpose is simply to state the facts of the murders. Source A, however is part of a newspaper article and this means that its motive is completely different.

    • Word count: 2068
  10. Castles, the key to power in Medieval England

    Nevertheless, we do not have an exact answer to this theory that we can go by. It shows very clearly on one of the sections the Normans building a castle and a motte, when they had settled down at Hastings. After the Normans had conquered the Saxons in 1066 and after, the captured Saxons did all of the hard work for the Normans that involved digging and building with hand and tool. Most castles were built on land that overlooked the surrounding countryside or a steep hill or cliff overlooking a town or village.

    • Word count: 2027
  11. The Age Of Exploration And Discovery

    At first, they did not realise what they had found - they thought that America was part of Asia. When they realised that America was a continent, like Europe and Asia, they were amazed. They began to call America a 'new world'. The quickening race between the kingdoms of Portugal and Spain were to become the richest trading nations in the world. The prize in the race was rich indeed: the gold, silks, pearls and spices of the East Indies and China or Cathay. The wealth and wonders of the Far East had been revealed to Europe by the earlier travels of Marco Polo and other explorers.

    • Word count: 2407
  12. How Were The Roman Army Superior In Weaponry, Armour And Tactics To The Celts?

    In other words they got paid and were very well trained. 'I gave the soldiers their pay and inspected their weapons. (Periplous 6.1.2)' Also recruits had to go through rigourous checks (eg.. the minimum height of a soldier had to be 5ft 6in) and most recruits were there of their own free will because they might just have wanted to be paid to do something or they might have had patriotic thoughts (although there was conscription during war time.) This recruitment policy meant only the strongest and most loyal Roman citizens became soldiers.

    • Word count: 2766
  13. Nuclear Weapons and Disarmament

    Chemical weapons include agents which are made scientifically and can cause instant diseases and deaths. Biological weapons are very destructive and can destroy environments and ecospheres very rapidly. Biological weapons consist of deadly virus, bacteria and fungi which can kill by causing diseases and can wipe out a town if the get into water supply or source. Countries which have the ability or power to use the nuclear weapons are Britain, China, France, India, Pakistan, Russia, United States, and North Korea; however Iran is seeking to get them.

    • Word count: 2963
  14. Was The Leadership Of Nelson Mandela The Main Reason For The Ending Of Apartheid?

    Many others argue that Mandela?s leadership and courage was the main reason why apartheid ended in South Africa in the 1990s. Consideration also needs to be taken when we look at the external factors that also contributed to the end of apartheid. Both economic and sporting sanctions by the international community many argue played another key role. The fact that apartheid was becoming unsustainable, due to rising violence townships within South Africa, led to some significant white political figures understanding that a negotiated settlement was necessary as the security forces were struggling to control the situation which by 1990 affecting white areas.

    • Word count: 2236

    It paints the image of terrorists as pure evil, preying on innocent victims with the ability to strike anywhere. Although this reflects some reality it appears to be slightly exaggerated and one-sided as it doesn?t offer any history or explanations for their actions. The PLO also used other methods of attacking and threatening the Israelis such as the event in 1972 in which the Black September Organization (part of the PLO) carried out the Munich massacre of Israeli Olympic athletes. Source 3 is a photograph of the damage done to Canary Wharf, London in 1996 after one of the largest IRA bomb attacks in the UK.

    • Word count: 2128
  16. The History of Bradford. How Undercliffe Cemetery display the values of the Victorians.

    The cemetery itself supports the idea of the high class holding onto their social position for example in site 4 the Illingworth mausoleum portrays many characteristics such as the tomb itself being built inside with lavish marble in order to keep the bodies cool and the sphinx guarding the tomb gives the impression that they were in some cases showing off that they had travelled to a foreign country. This mausoleum in particular is a great feature of the cemetery that represents how important social status was to the Victorians this is because the tomb itself contains such descriptive detail that evidently shows the Illingworth?s were beginning to show their status in society.

    • Word count: 2129
  17. Causes and consequences of the English Civil War

    We will expand on this point further in the Religion section. Parliament wanted to help the French against Louis Xiii, but Charles refused to do so and decided he wanted to help Louis Xiii. MP`s were furious at this decision and when Charles asked Parliament for a large amount of tax money to help fund for wars, they gave him a fraction of it. Charles was told by Parliament that he had fire his Chief Minister, the Duke of Buckingham. Charles was not able to do so and believed that Parliament was questioning his judgement.

    • Word count: 2842
  18. History of plastic surgery; how plastic surgery became a usual thing in Korea

    Lookism and the social atmosphere of Koreans having a big desire of being good-looking? I will start on explaining the current level of Korea cometic surgery and the history of plastic surgery. Firstly, as I had mentioned in the first paragraph, Korea has the best technology in plastic surgery. It surely can be proved by the fact that there is even a "Plastic surgery tourism" in Korea which refers to foreigners coming to Korea and having plastic surgeries done. Those tourists take the underground to Gangmam where the most prestigious plastic surgery are located.

    • Word count: 2067
  19. Were the 1980 Hunger Strikes the most significant IRA event of that decade?

    The Hunger Strikes of 1981 were thought to be very significant for a number of reasons. A photograph taken at Hunger Striker - Bobby Sands funeral in May, 1981, shows thousands, if not tens of thousands of people, crowding to pay their respect to the IRA member. This shows the publicity that the Hunger Strikers were getting from the people. This showed the significance of the Hunger Strike in regards to the fact that the event received so much support from people, which the IRA realised that that was how they could get what they wanted, by taking extreme measures, like death.

    • Word count: 2014

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