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GCSE: History Projects

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  1. q5 votes for women

    Britain artillery was rationed to firing only a few shells a day, while the opposition pounded the front lines non-stop. Secondly, the suffragettes led a huge demonstration to Whitehall in July, for not letting women contribute "We Demand the Rights to Serve." David Hyoid George saw this opportunity to fill the empty spaces in the workplace. One job that was seriously needed was the munitions as some women's didn't like to do this job as they were much better jobs like nurses.

    • Word count: 2244
  2. Of Mice and Men

    Lennie's version, because of his mental immaturity, dreams of "tendin' the rabbits", possibly because he yearns to take care of something that he could call 'his' and his obsession of "pettin' soft things" plays a part in his dream. George on the other hand dreams of owning his own piece of land and becoming his own boss. The friendship that Lennie and George have is unusual. Migrant workers at the time travelled around from ranch to ranch, alone and unwanted by anyone. The relationship Lennie and George have is similar to that which a father and a son might have.

    • Word count: 2693
  3. Cause of Andover workhouse scandal?

    The Overseer was not paid for his position, he had other jobs to do himself too so that he could live, this is why it was not a popular position. The Overseer position was elected once every 12 months because no one ever asked to be it, so they had a vote. The Overseer was not a very well liked person and this was one of the things that led to the amendment act being put in place. Landowners paid very low wages to the people working on their farms; this was because they knew that the rest of the money that they need to live would have been made up by the Parish.

    • Word count: 2147
  4. Why did medical care need to be improved during the early 19th century

    As well as the care given from nurses there was also the problem with the lack of medicines. In the early 19th Century, most people would visit the Lady of the Manor, who lived in villages and was very rich for sickness. Depending on the personality of the lady of the manor, she may only let certain people in to see her, if people were poor and living on the streets then they may not let people in to see them.

    • Word count: 2379
  5. Do you think Lumsdale was a successful choice for the site of these mills?

    Some of the original lead smelting works were converted into accommodation for the workers, then later turned into holiday homes and now exist as private residencies and houses have also been built next to Bentley Brook. Today, the Lumsdale Valley lies modestly and obscurely next to the town of Matlock between two A-roads with plenty of ruined mills, sluice gates and wheel pits. The ruins already imply that the site wasn't the best place for the mills, thought there is evidence to suggest otherwise, but it is certainly nowhere near as successful as Cromford where one of the mills only closed in 1993 and now exists as a shopping village and museum.

    • Word count: 2530
  6. To what extent is it fair to conclude that Palmerston(TM)s foreign policy one long crime from 1830 to 1865?

    We also need to define foreign policy, a countries foreign policy is a set of goals that are set up to outline how the country will interact with the outside world in politics. A foreign secretary is also expected 'to keep international relations at a constant level and to try and ensure that their country is not compromised in any way'. This essay will look at the evidence as a whole and then make an overall judgement as to whether Palmerston's foreign policy from 1830 to 1865 was one long crime or not.

    • Word count: 2761
  7. Northern Ireland

    The RUC was largely of Protestant judges and magistrates. They tended to use justice where their own community was concerned. If the RUC needed help, they would call out forces like the 'B Special', which were widely known for violence towards Catholics. By 1969 Discrimination and other factors meant that Catholics were twice as likely to be unemployed as Protestants. Source D tells me Mother Benignus disliked the English as her family has suffered at the hands of the British Forces.

    • Word count: 2244
  8. Does General Douglas Haig deserve to be remembered as the butcher of the Somme(TM)?

    Haig was obviously experienced as he was successful in the Boer war so he was experienced, also if he wasn't experienced they wouldn't have put him as the leader. Haig deserves to be remembered as the Butcher of the Somme as seen in source 1a. Fred Pearson a private on the Western Front commented on Haig in a local newspaper, 1966 states that Haig was 'the biggest murderer of the lot' and also Haig didn't know what a trench was like because the nearest he got was 5 kilometres behind the line.

    • Word count: 2067
  9. Jack The Ripper

    Source C agrees with Source A in that the two separate victims were both poor. Source C does this by describing that "there was no money on the body" which supports Source A's "no adequate motive in the shape of plunder". Source C also supports Source B and A in that the murders were of a violent nature. Whilst Source A describes the "extraordinary violence" that is used, Source B describes the "anatomical skill and knowledge" that was used to remove the organs. Source C continues on this point to describe that the incision cut "the windpipe in two".

    • Word count: 2953
  10. 1. Stourbridge Fair was the greatest of and most celebrated fairs of all England. To what extent was the location the reason why it had declined by 1933 when Midsummer Common Fair had not?

    It is also South of Chesterton and east of the ring road. Newmarket Road is the nearest main road to Midsummer Common. Stourbridge Fair is situated here because it is near the river and Newmarket road which makes commuting to and from it easier. Also, centuries ago, the goods could have been transported via the river. This map, Source 12, demonstrates where these two places are situated in Cambridge and where they lie in relative to everything and is a recent map of Cambridge which makes it accurate and reliable. Daniel Defoe wrote a book entitled "Tour through the whole Island of Great Britain".

    • Word count: 2306
  11. History - Castles Coursework

    The curtain wall had many defensive features; one good defensive feature was the height and thickness of the wall, the wall was approximately 6 metres tall and 1.5 metres thick. Another good defensive feature was the wall walk, the wall walk allowed troops to walk up and down the wall to keep a look out for enemies. A final defensive feature was the battlements; the battlements were good for the soldiers to hide behind during the battle so they wouldn't get shot.

    • Word count: 2659
  12. Ludlow Castle Coursework.

    They had to ensure that it would be beneficial for them. They came to an agreement that it had to be near a river and had to be high on a hill as if it were high on a hill they would have the advantage because they would have the better position in terms of shooting. They decided to place a castle in Ludlow as it was becoming a growing town and therefore, a good place for a castle to be placed. At first, the castle belonged to the De Lacy family.

    • Word count: 2199
  13. Elizabethen Source Investigation

    This law means that, if divorced, they would not have a house to live in. Because of the circumstances of the divorce, the parents of the woman may not want them to live with them anymore. A woman may often have had to live on the streets, due to the consequences of not owning their own property. The fifth law in the rights was that, 'women were not legal guardians of their children.' Again, this relates to divorce, if divorced, they would have no chance whatsoever of having custody over the child. If the husband of the wife died, unfortunately for the woman, they would suffer the consequences of someone coming into the house, in order to be sole guardian of their child.

    • Word count: 2736
  14. Discussing John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

    But the hard reality of the Communist challenge remained. Shortly after his inauguration, JFK permitted a band of Cuban exiles, already armed and trained, to invade their homeland. The attempt to overthrow the regime of Fidel Castro was a failure. Soon thereafter, the Soviet Union renewed its campaign against West Berlin. JFK replied by reinforcing the Berlin garrison and increasing the Nation's military strength, including new efforts in outer space. Confronted by this reaction, Moscow, after the erection of the Berlin Wall, relaxed its pressure in central Europe. JFK is also very famous for how he dealt with the Cuban missile crisis.

    • Word count: 2217
  15. Why did the British Government decide to evacuate children from

    The evacuation of Britain's cities at the start of World War Two was the biggest and most concentrated mass movement of people in Britain's history. In the first four days of September 1939, nearly one and a half million people were transported from towns and cities in danger from enemy bombers to places of safety in the countryside, however some families did decide to travel abroad over seas to places such as Canada and Austria to stay will friends or relatives, as the evacuation was voluntary many families did decide to stay put as they didn't want to be separated from each other.

    • Word count: 2043
  16. Describe the changes in life in Germany between 1930 and 1939

    The source is useful as it informs us of the work schemes set up by Hitler and of how long the schemes were set up for. As they were only temporary jobs, it is assumed that the wage they earned was not enough to live off. However, we are not told the people's reactions - many people may have evaded these schemes. It is written by a modern historian and should therefore be accurate and reliable. However historians do have different interpretations and so another historian might contradict this point of view.

    • Word count: 2079
  17. Were contemporaries correct in blaming Hitler for the Reichstag Fire?

    Below is a recap of the event by a British journalist in Germany at the time. This source tells us that Hitler and Goering had no prior knowledge of the fire taking place. It is of course possible that they are lying so that others will not suspect them. Goering picks up the 'rag' and immediately pieces together what he thinks has happened, which could mean that he really did know what caused the fire. Goering immediately places the blame on the Communists and nobody contends this.

    • Word count: 2176
  18. Free essay

    Custers responsibilty for teh defeat at Little Bighorn

    For example he first took part in General Winfield Scott Hancock's expedition against the Cheyenne. Marching from Fort Supply, Indian Territory, he successfully attacked an encampment of Cheyenne's and Arapahos (of 150 warriors and some 50 civilians and 6 white hostages) - the Battle of Washita River. This was thought of as the first significant victory against the Indians where a large southern branch of the Indians were forced into reservations. Hostages were freed including 2 boys and a woman called miss Crocker's.

    • Word count: 2187
  19. Jack the Ripper

    Does source C support the evidence form Sources A and B about the ripper murders? Source C is a factual description written by Dr Blackwell at the inquest of the murder of Elizabeth Stride. The information given contains were the victim was found and what had happened to the body. Source C supports A about neither of the bodies had anything taken off them. They agree that in both cases there was no reason to kill the victim. This could also be a disagreement though, because source A says nothing was stolen but source C says nothing was on the body.

    • Word count: 2370
  20. Jack the ripper

    These gangs would look for things easy to steal such as purses and pocket handkerchiefs. Garrotters on the other hand wanted there job of stealing to be even easier so they would half strangle there victims to make there theft much easier. However this type of crime gradually decreased as after a garrotter attacked a MP the police took these crimes more serious and began to introduce street lights. Despite this the level of crime was still rising but the police force finally came into action, anti crime teams built up and so did the police.

    • Word count: 2993
  21. Dartford High Street in the Mid Nineteenth Century (1840-70)

    Curtess Curtess has some distinctive architectural aspects, but has been re-developed significantly. It still has sash windows and string course, and the roof is very decorative. The roof would suggest that Curtess was from the Victorian time period. One Bell Corner One Bell Corner is a very spacious and decorative building. It seems to have been used for industry at one point. It also has a decorative roof. The exact date of its foundation is 1851, meaning that we can place it in the Victorian time period. Bull's Head Yard Bull's Head Yard was probably used for industrial purposes in the past.

    • Word count: 2370
  22. How far was the monarchy responsible for its own downfall in September 1792? Explain your Answer.

    She was always seen as a foreigner and vicious rumours were circulated. Her reputed frivolous nature and complacency did not improve her popularity. Louis's inability to control his wife's expenditure showed him to be lacking in influence both in his marriage and in ruling the state. Louis and Marie Antoinette acted as the entertainment for France as well as the monarchy. The absence of a dauphin was scandalous and Louis's sexual competence was discussed nationwide, greatly undermining his authority. Louis and Marie Antoinette were not suited to the role of monarchs however the circulated rumours restricted any influence they might have had.

    • Word count: 2884
  23. What was the contribution of tanks towards winning the war for Britain?

    The female also consisted of a crew of 8, but weighed around 27.4 tonnes, carried two heavy .303 Vickers Machine Guns. They both travelled at around 4 miles per hour and had a length of 9.94 m (32 ft 6 in); a height of 2.44 m (8 ft) and a width of 4.33 m (13 ft 9 in). The Mark 1 tank was invented by William Tritton and Major Walter Gordon Wilson. The Mark 1 tank was developed from the prototype, Little Willie (see Fig.

    • Word count: 2982
  24. South Africa/Cape Colony

    Dutch settlers first settled in South Africa in the 17th Century. The Dutch were trying to find a sea way to Indies. The Dutch decided to set up a refreshment base in South Africa. It was used as refreshment for the passing ships; they used South Africa mainly to grow fresh corn and vegetables. The Dutch established their base at Cape Town which is west of South Africa. By 1770 South African whites (the Dutch) had developed some forms of social life which marked them as different from the European Dutch; they began to call themselves Afrikaners and started to speak a language (the taal)

    • Word count: 2428
  25. How useful are the site and other sources in showing how far Cromford village changed as a result of Arkwright choosing it as a site for his mill

    By the time of his death in 1792 not only had Arkwright made a fortune but he had set the textile industry on a path that would utterly change both its location and its working methods. Cromford in Derbyshire is a place many people simply pass through on their way to the Matlocks, Bakewell and other northerly places, but Cromford is steeped in industrial history and often called the cradle of the industrial revolution. Before 1770, Cromford was a small rural hamlet and had only 16 households and local lead mines.

    • Word count: 2049

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