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GCSE: History Projects

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  1. Reichstag Fire

    However, we do not know if this confession by Van der Lubbe was a forced one. He may have been held at gunpoint and compelled to claim he committed arson against the Reichstag. Furthermore, Source B doesn't tell us Van der Lubbe's reasons for leaving the communist party prior to the fire, or why he cared about German politics even though he's Dutch, weakening the sources credibility. Source C suggests, "the communists had made a final attempt to seize power" and that they would do this by creating an atmosphere of "panic and terror".

    • Word count: 2524
  2. How did Hitler become Chancellor in 1933

    Furthermore all governments had to be coalitions (2 or more parties agree to work together). However these never lasted as it sparked off arguments therefore elections were common causing a lack of stability e.g. Communists quarrels with the Socialists. The Chancellor was responsible for day to day government, but he needed the support of over half the Reichstag. The Head of State was the President. The President stayed out of day to day government. In a crisis he could rule the country directly through Article 48 of the Constitution. This gave him emergency powers, which meant he didn't have to consult the Reichstag.

    • Word count: 2384
  3. Portugal in the Age of Discovery.docx

    Nevertheless, we would also analyze the contribution of the other 3 Cs to the success of Portugal in the Age of Discovery. The whole basis of the success of Portugal during the Age of Discovery is based on a domino effect. The 4 Cs are closely interlinked as one cause would bring about an effect. We will discuss more about this in the latter part of this report. In our group's opinion, we believe that all things begun and returned to the Commerce of Portugal.

    • Word count: 2072
  4. American West

    Health was an important matter and people soon began to realise there were few resources. There were a lot of diseases around and with families living in compact communities there was a high risk of infection. For example Smallpox, which left many men infertile and many women less able to carry their unborn children in the newly set up towns there was a lack of medical facilities (e.g.: Hospitals and doctors), so if people were ill they would have to travel long distances to find the help they needed.

    • Word count: 2011
  5. Tudor Architecture

    The houses have many windows in which they put glass that's almost as clear as crystal. Inside, the houses are... decorated with wood carving... On the floors they put straw... For wall coverings they use many tapestries woven with leaves, flowers and beautiful... designs.' Alessandro Magno, 1562 This tells us how they constructed a house in1562, it also tells us a little bit about glass. He tells us how the insides are decorated; with carved wood and tapestries, and on the floor they put straw.

    • Word count: 2600
  6. WW1 Coursework

    His wife Sophie was also not very pleased but because she thought he wouldn't be safe but after Joseph told her that he was going to go anyway she said she was very proud of him. She couldn't tell their 2 children where their dad had gone because they wouldn't stop asking questions so she just said he had gone away on business, she didn't like lying to them but she had to. Religion At the beginning of the war Joseph was Christian.

    • Word count: 2067
  7. WW1 Coursework

    Within modern warfare men do not get called gay or a wimp for not joining, but they are sometimes noticed as crazy or stupid. More women are now joining the battle front. Effects When people joined including Albert, were physically and mentally changed, by simply being hit by gunfire, or by getting shell shock. When he first entered his battle station, he thought he could cope with the lifestyle in the trenches, but after a few days, he realised that the trenches where a cramped, muddy, wet, rat infested habitat.

    • Word count: 2563
  8. Describe law and order in the late nineteenth century

    As London's communitity expanded during the 18th-19th centuries, there was a major public concern whether London was maintaining law and order. It wasn't until 1829 when Sir Robert Peel made the decision to re-organise how London was policed. He did this by reinforcing the police, as they did not have a professional police force and one had to be created. They became known as 'Bobbies', originally known as 'Peelers' after there founder. There were many objections to the forming of the police force, as it was feared that the police force would stop protests and also destroy the ability of free speech.

    • Word count: 2000
  9. Why did the whitechapel murders attract so much attention in the late nineteenth century

    The Star August 31st 1888 wrote 'a woman with...her throat cut from ear to ear... the wound was about 2 inches wide and blood was flowing profusely...as the corpse lies in the mortuary it presents a ghastly sight.' The need for the papers to attract readers leads to sensationalism. The nature of the crimes was also a major factor in increasing attention; all five women were slashed from ear to ear. Three of the women had their skirts lifted up which suggests they were raped as well as murdered. All the bodies were found early morning laying on their backs.

    • Word count: 2000
  10. 19902 to 2000s

    Another Notable event include the Soccer World Cup in which Australia participated in, but was knocked out after a controversial match. Before our entry, soccer was declining in popularity, and the soccer industry was in the brink of collapse due to financial difficulty. However, with our entry into the Soccer World Cup, the love of soccer was rekindled, and our nation embraced the Socceroos. Heres is a video which shows the Socceroos original success. An interesting sidelight to the major professional sports in the 1990s was the emergence of a new kind of sport called "extreme sports."

    • Word count: 2696
  11. Why did Samuel Greg establish a cotton mill at Styal in 1784?

    It was also very close to the Bridgewater Canal, which could be used for importing and exporting goods; it was also close to Liverpool where the main port was. Styal also had a damp climate, which was the right condition for cotton. Samuel was clever in choosing the date to establish his cotton mill as it was the same year that Arkwright's water frame expired, this meant that Samuel wouldn't have to pay for using it. Samuel was also able to build a weir which stores water, which meant that the cotton mill would have a constant supply of water so that the mill could operate at all times.

    • Word count: 2088
  12. Jack The Ripper

    Source A is a newspaper article about murders of Martha Tabrum and Polly Nicholls. Source B is a coroner's report about the death of Polly Nicholls. Source C is a report by a doctor about the body of Elizabeth Stride after her murder. Source A was written to inform and to also sensationalize. Source B and C were written to inform and dissect information in a way that is not bias and one sided about the victim's deaths. Source A suggests that the deaths were porpostrasily violent and brutal it also later goes on to link the victims of the murders and furthermore concluded that the murders must have been done by a "mentally deranged" or in a extremely high tested situation.

    • Word count: 2862
  13. Why Was Old Sarum Abandoned In the 13th Century?

    This was all to do with timing. The geography and comfort of Old Sarum was chosen principally for defensive purposes but in was an inhospitable place to live because travelling was difficult. The water supply, supplied from a well, in the castle which consequently meant it was hard to get water. Furthermore there was strong winds and rain that made it quite cold in winter. Another issue rose for the abandonment of Old Sarum was because it was a pawn in medieval politics.

    • Word count: 2092
  14. Women Coursework

    It meant that women no longer had the independence given to them by working. At the same time the Austerity Budget was announced. This focused on rebuilding after the war and very little money was left for the consumer luxuries that had been enjoyed by women during the war. It was a period of very low morale for women. With out the jobs they could afford less, the only jobs they could get were part-time ones because that meant they could be paid less. This distinction in pay between men and women marked women down as of a lower social status.

    • Word count: 2031
  15. Fountains Abbey Coursework

    The term commissioned means bought , therefore it will naturally be made to look very good. We see further evidence of this as the Abbey and the Folly are illuminated and on focal points. Focal points are the point that you look at first. Therefore we perceive that it is important. However, there is also a Foley. A Folley is a building created to look old and be aesthetically pleasing, again a reference to the owners "showing off". Further more this again is on a focal point, showing that whilst fountains abbey is important, it is not the only part concentrated on.

    • Word count: 2022
  16. jack the ripper

    but the article states that this is not the case and it also leaves questions about the true motive. The article's focal point, which stands out the most is the describing of the violence that was apparent in the murders, but the East End Observer keeps referencing it to entice the readers. This quote "The excess of the effort that has been apparent in each murder suggest that both crimes are the work of a demented being" once again suggest that the murders are linked but also establishes that the murderer is a disturbed or deranged being. What we learn from the article about the murders are that both have similar traits due to the extent of violence involved

    • Word count: 2846
  17. Warwick castle Coursework

    Also I will discuss whether Warwick castle was a good or bad fortress compared to other medieval castles. The final part of this piece of coursework is for me to summarize taking in all the points I have mentioned before whether I agree with the castle's guide book description that Warwick castle is "the finest Medieval castle in England". The Motte and Bailey castle had soil at the bottom with a wooden keep and a palisade on top. The Motte and Bailey castle consisted of two main parts, these were the Motte which was a man made mound at with a wooden stockade on top and the bailey which is a courtyard.

    • Word count: 2313
  18. How Did the Views and the Arguments put forward by Supporters and opponents of the Ku Klux Klan differ?

    The KKK attracted so many new members because they promised a new America for the White American People. Black People The KKK believed that Black People were the most inferior race. The KKK had a strong belief in white supremacy; this is where the white race was the ultimate race and all others were inferior especially black people. One source in particular outlines how the Klan made new members answer ten questions before they joined the Klan. One of which was, "Do you believe in and will faithfully strive for the eternal maintenance of white supremacy".

    • Word count: 2810
  19. Roman Verulamium

    This however, explains a sign of organisation. Two of the entrances were narrow, and the other two were broad. The broad entrances may have been used for carts, carriages, horses and imports, and maybe the narrow for pedestrians. This shows us that the traffic getting in and out of the town may have been quite busy, as to having different sizes of entrances built. This however, explains a sign of organisation. The towers were used to look out for distances, being able to get a clear and good view.

    • Word count: 2040
  20. success of evacuation

    children did not know where they were going, it was also very hard for the children to live away from home and from their rents. Another failure of evacuation was that the distribution of children was very bad, children could be fostered by anyone and no record would be kept of who is fostering who. Many children were also treated very harshly by their carers. I believe that the government's organisation was a success however I do not believe that the planning or the distribution of the evacuee chidden was a success.

    • Word count: 2640
  21. The Holocaust

    This was based on the definition of the Jews as a race. Therefore, there could be no salvation through conversion to Christianity. The Nazis did not start Persecuting Jews all at once. It began in slow stages and people gradually became accustomed to the way Jews were treated. Because so many people were bystanders and did not take action to stop the unfair treatment of Jews when it first began, the discrimination against them worsened. Some examples of discrimination/persecution is that there were restrictions for Jews on entry to professions.

    • Word count: 2439
  22. Why whitechapel murders attracted attention.

    Before the victims of Jack there were earlier attacks on Emma Smith and the murder of Martha Tabram, this led many people to believe that somebody to do with prostitutes was to blame. It appeared that there was a killer on the loose preying on prostitutes. In fact the two crimes were not connected, Emma Smith was simply robbed and Martha Tabram had been the victim of a much more serious and vicious crime. This meant Whitechapel was on edge, throughout the month of august 1888.

    • Word count: 2809
  23. Since the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 there has been a relative period of peace in Northern Ireland. What problems will need to be overcome to create a lasting peace in Northern Ireland? How likely peace will be achieved?

    Furthermore a north south council of ministers would be set up. Also the Irish government would remove articles 2 and 3 of its constitution. The main two terms however, were that there would be a review of policing and early release for paramilitary prisoners was promised. These terms of the agreement seemed fair to both Catholics and Protestants. The Anglo Irish Agreement failed because it was not accepted by everyone in Northern Ireland and Unionists fiercely rejected it. Despite the agreement the violence continued. The Sunningdale Agreement failed because there was suspicion that the council of Ireland had ended the power sharing executive and that people were using intimidation methods to force people to sign up.

    • Word count: 2750
  24. Do these sources, and the site at Quarry Bank Mill, fully explain what working conditions were like for children in textile Mills, such as the one at Quarry Bank Mill, the sources and knowledge from your studies.

    Firstly, I will examine all the sources provided. It would also be mindful to remember whilst studying this period that attitudes changed immensely over time. What may be unacceptable or practise in today's working environment was seen as the norm at that time. Also, we need to be aware that up to the date 19th century, child labour was always an important part of life, and child wages were seen as intergural to survive for many working families. Most of these children and (pauper children) were bought to the mill by parents themselves mainly because prices were too high to cope on ones wage.

    • Word count: 2294
  25. Why was Ireland partitioned in 1922?

    And later on, William of Orange came along with his army and won the Londonderry siege, this gave him a chance of getting his army into Ireland, then not so later the 2 sides met at the battle of the Boyne(12.07.1690) which William won and then took drastic measures against the Catholics. Then after William of Orange won the battle of the Boyne, the Penal Laws were introduced against Catholics in 1695, this meant that Catholics could not:- own or buy a property, be educated, work for the government or as a lawyer or become an MP, own a weapon, or vote.

    • Word count: 2311

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