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GCSE: History Projects

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  1. Gallic war

    * Rome continued to face foreign threats, which meant generals with armies had to be found. Many of these generals gained prominence in future (e.g. Pompey/Caesar). Pompey[Cd1]: significance of military and political career * Pompey was a general who often switched allegiances[Cd2], supporting whoever would give him political power. Generals in Rome were able to ignore the cursus honorum, as, in extraordinary circumstances, they could be appointed special powers without ever holding office. They army gave Pompey the political power he sought. * Military/political career of Pompey was exceptional and extraordinary. He was given proconsular and propraetorian commands without holding the qualifying office; he was consul in 70, seven years before the legal age.

    • Word count: 9099
  2. Operation Barbarossa

    Therefore I believe that had Stalin not enforced his policy of appeasement and been less ignorant of the German threat then the Germans wouldn't have been able to make such a good start to their invasion. The initial successes were due to many reasons and one of these was the German dominance due to good technology and tactics. On the first day; 3 Russian infantry divisions had been destroyed and 5 divisions had been separated. In less than a month the Germans had reached Smolensk, which was more than halfway to Moscow and well into the Ukraine.

    • Word count: 3383
  3. Submarines essay

    In 1796 he travelled to France where Napoleon ordered him to build his submarine. This submarine was 6.4 meters long and shaped like a bullet. When people used his submarine to go under water they descended to a depth of 7.5 meters. He then attached a mine to the outside of his submarine to make it able to destroy ships on the surface. This submarine failed and then Napoleon lost interest in the submarines and sacked Fulton. Fulton then returned to England and managed to get the British government to accept his plans but the admiralty refused to have this underwater machine in the Navy.

    • Word count: 4251
  4. Elizabeth I portraits

    This document includes some initial strategic thinking to clarify and assess your market position - including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats - and practical suggestions for activity on the kind of support we can offer to help support you in meeting your objectives. Marketing and PR for APPI - Strategic considerations 1. Aims and objectives * Raise the profile of Glenn Withers and Pilates Art Physiotherapy clinics in national, local and specialist/consumer media * Position Glenn Withers as an industry expert and key opinion leader * Position APPI as an industry leader both as a brand and as a team

    • Word count: 7824
  5. Battle of the Somme

    He didn't write source A after the battle of the Somme, as a scapegoat for the events. However knowing that casualties were going to be high a month before the attack he didn't do anything to change this. We don't know where the first extract from source B is from as the provenance only states that it was written by Haig the day before the attack. Therefore, the extract shows Haig giving his views on the morale of the soldiers and of how he believes everything is going to plan.

    • Word count: 4522
  6. The Black Country Living Museum gives an accurate representation of what life would be like during the late 19th Century in this area. How far do you agree with this view?

    The cottages had one room downstairs was the room which was the kitchen and also were all the family use to have evening meals and spent time together and they also had one room upstairs which was the bedroom for the whole family. The school was where students use to be taught they had to pay a small contribution to the school. 1842-1912 The bakers- where the baker would bake fresh loafs of bread everyday on shape which was called logger lope and he would work from 3am in the morning until 6pm or sometimes times on busy days until 10 pm.

    • Word count: 4040
  7. Research Topic: Health Welfare of elderly in Shanghai

    Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Background information to research question/hypothesis 3. Limitations of research analysis/Justification of research method 4. Findings & Analysis 5. Conclusion 6. Bibliography 7. Sample of interviews 8. Data/Information 9. Rubrics 10. Bonus Chapter 1: Introduction The research topic of our Integrated Humanities SIA is health welfare in Shanghai. We have derived our hypothesis to be Shanghai government and local authorities has been providing sufficiently to the senior citizens in terms of medical and home services.

    • Word count: 4043
  8. Olympics More Than Just A Sport

    Berlin were awarded the Olympic Games years before Hitler came into power, 1930 to be precise. Three years before his rein. In these Olympics hosted by the infamous Adolf Hitler, many important stands of Olympic History took place here. Hitler and the Nazi's were anti-Semitic, and from the Beginning from him coming to power he began persecuting and executing many Jews, by the end of it, approximately 6 million innocent lives were snuffed out. The year the Olympics were due to start, Germany were hosting, and these Olympics were an opportunity to prove to the German people and the rest of the world what Hitler believed in, and his perfect race.

    • Word count: 3977
  9. How useful is visible evidence in explaining the development of power at Styal Mill

    Furthermore with what I believed to be a fire pond above as it had no other real purpose it seemed more likely to suggest it was a gasometre. Additionally Styal Mill is situated right next to the river Bollin, therefore it would seem practical and sensible to use waterpower as a primary source of energy as it was free and created more energy than horsepower. This suggests that horsepower was not a primary source of energy at Quarry Bank Mill.

    • Word count: 4209
  10. How useful is a visit to the Tudor parts of Hampton Court to find out how Henry VIII used the palace?

    Henry was able to go from place to place easily; he needed to be able to do this because the sanitary conditions of that time meant that he was unable to stay in the same place for too long. I will be focusing on the Tudor parts of the palace that are left standing and how useful they are for us to find out how Henry used his palace. A lot of objects or ornaments in the palace today may look Tudor but are in fact artefacts that were replicated or restored by Victorians in the 1800s when they tried to restore the palace to the way it looked in the Tudor period.

    • Word count: 6872
  11. In what ways were the lives of children on the home front affected by the Second World War?

    The children would collect things such as scrap aluminium, pans, pots and rubber. This was good for the children's development but also for the war effort. Children now felt responsible that they were doing something for the war but at the same time having fun so while this went on they had a 'Cog Song'. Children went round in groups and had a good time. During the War there were other things to distract children such as, films allowing children to escape from the harshness of War. Films like 'Dumbo' were made to show children what's happening in the War and escape into a world of fantasy.

    • Word count: 4807
  12. There is plenty to suggest that women never got away from their traditional role. Neil DeMarco, The Second World War, Hodder & Stoughton, 2004. In your opinion are the views expressed by Neil DeMarco justified?

    This is proven in source E3 and the source is correct because the source shows women as gossips and struggling with rationing. This source could be reliable because it was made at the time, boosts morale and supports DeMarco however it was made by a newspaper so it could have been censored and approved by the government. This could be useful because it shows women's role in the home, the women working together and DeMarco has evidence to back him up however this has been made by a newspaper and it could be biased towards the governments perceptions.

    • Word count: 4847
  13. Newport Quay

    Coal was used to heat homes; trains used it on the railways to power their engines. It was used at the power station to provide electricity and at the gasworks to provide power and gas. It was the most essential import of the time. All of these were found in Newport as it was a central location. The island didn't just import goods though, it also exported. Lambs and wool were often exported to the mainland, in 1818 a whopping 1000 lambs a week were sent off to London; then less than a century later it became the most important fat lamb supplier.

    • Word count: 6228
  14. history

    On the floor there is an unpaid bill, which may be the reason the women is upset. On the wall it is written "the saloon is well named "the poor man's club" it keeps its members and their families always poor", which again supports the idea that men would rather have a drink and waste their money on the saloons than feed and support their families. This links in with the statement made by Hobson and indeed those Saloon men were in fact poor and were also making the families suffer, this also is supported by the statement given by

    • Word count: 4919
  15. Nazi Germany

    The police and the courts Consequently, the police and the camps had a very large impact on Nazi Germany; The Nazis controlled the magistrates, judges and courts so that they would always, no matter what the situation involved, get a biased trial and therefore never got imprisoned. Curiously, this also worked in favour for the Nazis the opposite way; they could get their opponents in jail by manipulating the judges the same way. In addition to this, the police were also under strict instructions to ignore or "take no notice" of any crimes or misconducts committed by the Nazis.

    • Word count: 5233
  16. Reichstag Fire

    Delmer writes that Hitler also interacted with him saying "God grant, that this is the work of the Communists. You are witnessing the beginning of a great new epoch in German history. This fire is the beginning." The last statement that Hitler made to Delmer was "You see this flaming building? If this communist spirit caught hold of Europe for but two months it would be all aflame like this building." The hidden meaning of this statement was that if the Communists won the upcoming elections and started ruling the people, then within a time period of two months the whole of Europe would be in the hands of the Communists.

    • Word count: 3688

    People of the middle-class also began investing in the share market because they had a high income. In 1920, there were about 4 million investors and this figure rose to a staggering 20 million in 1929. Speculation was a very important aspect of the rapid increase of share prices in America. Speculation means a financial transaction that involves risks but is potentially profitable. The Americans wanted to make as much money as they could in the stock market. Whenever a new public limited company was formed, people would buy as many shares as they could and then would wait for the share prices to rise.

    • Word count: 3487
  18. Was Cromwell a Hero or a Villain?

    1645 These two quotes clearly support each other as they are both more or less saying the same thing. Therefore, two pieces of similar evidence can be relatively strong. However, these texts aren't adequate evidence. The reason for this is that the people saying them are both Parliamentarians. They are on his side and are not against him. But there are two occasions in the year 1645 in which Parliamentarians go against Cromwell. The first person to do so was Sir John Hotham. He furiously said: "Cromwell gets poor people off the street to fight. The paupers he gets might get promoted even and replace good people like me."

    • Word count: 3191
  19. Stoke Bruerne: Canal lives

    Also the way the people had to sleep and the bed arrangements aren't shown in the source. Comparing this to the display of the narrow boat in the museum at Stoke Bruerne, the display showed the cabin area of a narrow boat in detail. The recreation of part of the narrow boat allowed me to understand that the lives of the people inside the narrow boat must have been very difficult. The narrow boat was considered a place to live just like an ordinary house.

    • Word count: 3722

    to North America and others parts of America. � C. Some were raided and kidnapped by other traders along the voyage. WHY European (British) empire was taking over the world. They had to do lots of developments which required labour. But they lacked one major resource - a work force. Native Americans had proved unreliable (most of them died from disease and were decreasing rapidly) and Europeans were unsuited to the climate and suffered under tropical diseases. Africans, on the other hand, were excellent workers: they often had experience of agriculture and keeping cattle, they were resistant to all diseases, and they could be "worked very hard" on everything.

    • Word count: 3045
  21. Do you agree that Martin Luther King was the most important factor in helping Blacks gain more civil rights in the 1960s?

    Emmet Till was a 14 year old visiting the south. In 1955, he allegedly said, "Bye baby" to a white girl and later that night the father of the girl killed him. It caused uproar within white and black communities because the murderers were found not guilty by an all white jury and people began to sympathize with Blacks who were so brutally and unfairly treated. At Little Rock high school in Arkansas Black students scheduled to start at the school in 1957 were stopped from going by troops sent by Orval Faubous.

    • Word count: 3266
  22. To what extent was the Irish Famine merely an excuse for Peel to repeal the 1815 Corn Laws?

    There was a growing unrest amongst the working classes. This time period was revolutionary throughout all of Europe, and the British government were terrified of the same happening. The ruling classes were anxious to prevent this potential revolution. As the poor had been living in hunger for centuries since serfdom and feudalism had been introduced, there was (in this case) the threat of starvation as the situation worsened; making revolution more likely. The Corn Laws can be seen as responsible for this threat of starvation, and the governments threat to itself, so with this tax abolished the number of those prepared to revolt is reduced as the threat of starvation is reduced.

    • Word count: 3373
  23. The Royal Pavilion

    Many presume that he had a very luxurious childhood, but in truth the Prince was actually brought up in the Palace at Kew quite strictly. The Prince was very well educated and could speak several different languages fluently, such as French, Italian and German and could also play the cello. The Prince had great knowledge of the fine arts and became a very accomplished man. However, due to being isolated to Kew Palace and associating with only royalty and other such people, the Prince had a limited understanding of the lives that ordinary people lived.

    • Word count: 3255
  24. Executive Summary Fairmont hotels.

    The growth in the hotel industry was mainly due to openings by chained hoteliers, including local players and internationally respected brands.v With positive tourism projections, investment continues to pour into this booming sector and interest is also being generated by influential personalities such as Donald Trump and Giorgio Armani, who now both have a stake in the hotel industry.vi The United Arab Emirates is the perfect candidate for Fairmont hotel. The capital city Dubai is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.

    • Word count: 3550

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • William was successful at Hastings because of his leadership of the Normans.(TM) To what extent do you agree?

    "In conclusion, although William was a brilliant leader of the Normans his leadership was not the most important reason the Normans defeated the English at Hastings. It is true that he was a brilliant leader but I think that the most important reason was that the English were completely exhausted from the days of fighting and marching prior to the battle. This factor is the most important because the English were just not ready for another huge battle in the space of a few weeks. The Normans had been ready and rested for months so they had a huge advantage over the exhausted English. The other reasons did play a part in the defeat I think that if the English did not have to fight off Hardrada first, they would have beaten William. The Normans did have the cavalry and Harolds tactics were poor but the cavalry were largely ineffective against the English line until Haralds tactics came into play with his inability to control his men meant that the English came off the hill and so the cavalry found it easy to pick them off. Overall the most important reason was because the English were completely exhausted."

  • In 1815 the possibility of a united Italy was slight(TM) to what extent do you agree with this?

    "From the information I have gathered I conclude that I agree with the statement to a certain extent but not entirely. There are many reasons that the chance of a United Italy are slight and these reasons generally outweigh the arguments that its not. Most of the arguments against the statement also only hinder the arguments for it rather than exclude them completely. However even with this I fell that the way in which many of the states were run, soon enough the people would look to push for a United Italy as it would definitely be in their own personal interests."

  • Apartheid - To what extent did the statement in the novel Cry the Beloved Country,

    "Conclusion The aim of this research is to investigate the reasons for the implementation of Apartheid and to find out the effects of the implementation on the whites and the blacks in South Africa. In the process of investigating the sources, I discovered that some sources were rather one-sided. I also realised that some of the present work, especially the websites, have rather incomplete information on Apartheid, thus allowing my work to further expand on. Apartheid is a discrimination system in which whites are legalised to discriminate against the blacks therefore it is important to study this system to prevent it from appearing around the globe."

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