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GCSE: History Projects

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  1. The purpose of Stanton Drew Stone Circles

    Another Avenue extends from the North East circle, which joins the avenue. The avenues may have been placed there to lead towards the River Chew as it was defiantly involved around the Stone circles in some way. However the avenue doesn't lead all the way to the river although the river may have been closer in the past or the rest of the stones leading to the river may have sank into the ground or been washed away. The North Eastern Circle is around 30 m in diameter and consists of eight stones which are larger and in better condition than the stones from the other two circles and Avenues.

    • Word count: 3637
  2. The year was 1912 when the Titanic set sail from Southampton, England on Wednesday 10th April and her destination was New York, but probably the most famous maritime disaster prevented her from ever arriving.

    There were said to be at least 10 millionaires aboard including Bruce Ismay, Managing Director of White Star and Colonel Aster, reputed to be the richest man in the world. The ship was enormous, 882 feet long, 92.5'wide and 175' high, from the keel to the top of the funnels. There was a crew of 899 to attend to the needs of the passengers. She was powered by 2 enormous steam driven engines needing around the clock firing fuelled from the 6000 tons of coal reserves needed for a single crossing.

    • Word count: 3671
  3. 1839 Violence in Wales

    The source is supported by the extract from "The Rebecca Riots"(Dyfed County Council) as it describes rioting in large mobs; it is also backed up by source A1 that describes disorder. Another form of violence at this time was Cefyl Pren I can see evidence of Cefyl Pren in source A4 where it states; "There is a custom in this part of the country called "Cefyl Pren", whereby people, who have angered the community are carried about on a wooden horse and humiliated.

    • Word count: 3271
  4. Culture Wars: Forster's A Passage To India

    as well as different aspects of Indian religious and cultural beliefs. They also provide a forum by which Forster is able to portray the differences in perception and reaction between the English and the Indian. For example, Each section is characterized by three of Forster's views, emotional nature, intellect, and capacity for love. These three views of Forster stem from the Hindu belief of achieving oneness with Brahman, or the eternal, achieving essence of all things. Each section of the book reflects on one of the three ways to achieve Brahman.

    • Word count: 3511
  5. Consider the treatment of history in Julian Barnes's A History of The World in 10 1/2 Chapters

    The illustration highlights how Barnes has used fabulation in other parts of his novel. For instance, in 'The Stowaway' Barnes takes the story of the Ark. He uses the same basic story. He also uses the same 'facts': the brothers Ham, Shem and Japheth are all present, the Ark is made from gopher wood, he refers to the Ark's measurements (three hundred cubits long). Around these data Barnes spins his own incredible story. Instead of the conventional historian's all-seeing eye he gives us the (wood)worm's eye view.

    • Word count: 4907
  6. Using sources, who or what was most responsible for the ending of Apartheid?

    Therefore, on a technical note, it could be said this source is bias, as we can assume black people did the same, and probably had signs stating something along the lines of: ?no white people allowed?. Can Thember, a black man investigated the attitudes towards non-whites, by entering several white dominated churches. Racism was institutionalised and it took place in all corners of society ? Source 3 illustrates this, showing the Presbyterian Church of Orange Grove, and the Dutch Reform Church in Kensington both shun black natives.

    • Word count: 3779
  7. Describing Advances in Weaponry in WW2.

    This makes weaponry an exciting and educating topic to write about. I chose tanks in specific because they had advanced significantly loads compared to other vehicles and weapons and they were very important in the war. In 1914 when trench warfare was the only type of warfare tanks were introduced. Tanks revolutionized warfare by eliminating trench warfare and by making trenches obsolete. Trench warfare had high casualties rate and it took months to gain ground. But with the invention of tanks, they could drive over trenches safely, cutting down on casualties and overwhelming the opposition.

    • Word count: 3820
  8. The life and death of J.F.K

    This disabled Rose from then until her death in 2005. Bobby Kennedy was the Attorney General of the United States from 1961 (because his brother, JFK was president) until 1964, when he became a senator for New York. In 1968, Bobby ran for president but on the 5th of June, he was assassinated by 24 years old, Sirhan Sirhan. In 1962, JFKs other brother, Edward ?Ted? Kennedy was sworn into Senate. In 1980, he ran for president but was put out of Senate because of his personal image.

    • Word count: 3614
  9. What was life like in the trenches?

    In summer the trenches were exposed to the hot sun and in winter were exposed to snow and rain. A typical trench system would consist of three main fire or support trenches, connected by communication trenches and with various posts, strong points and saps. Living Conditions: One of the main things that the above diagram does not show is a toilet, which was known as a latrine. The latrine had to be dug by hand, and somewhere close by. The latrine was usually a deep hole dug into the ground and had a plank placed over it. Men had to ask for permission to use the latrine before leaving their position.

    • Word count: 6341
  10. How and why writers have explored different views of the First World War. Propaganda, poetry, film and Blackadder.

    The daughter is reading a history book and asking her father what he did in the war. The father cannot look into the face of his daughter, which makes the viewer think he did not fight. The father?s position is one in deep thought, which shows he is trying to think of what to say. If a young man saw the poster he would put himself in the place of the father. It would make him feel guilty and probably make him sign up.

    • Word count: 3467
  11. History of Medicine Revision Notes.

    got blocked, then the person would be ill until it was unblocked ? Egyptian doctors believed vomiting could clear the blockages in the vessels in the body. They also deliberately bled the patient by cutting a vein to clear the blockages 1. Herbs and Drugs used through trade routes in the River Nile to cure disease 1. SIMPLE SURGERY: they knew how to treat dislocated limbs 1. They had an understanding of public health, because Priests were the cleanest people (i.e.

    • Word count: 7224
  12. Life In The Trenches - research and evaluation of the sources

    They often flooded and collapsed, and so future trenches began to become deeper and more ostentatiously made, and these ones were of a better quality. This is a picture of a trench in world war one taken from a history textbook for year nine?s. It is not completely reliable because there is no information there stating why this photo was taken, because if the photo was taken for commercial reasons (e.g. advertising, newspapers) then it would be made to look nicer, so it would not be a good representation of what life was actually like in the trenches.

    • Word count: 5329

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