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GCSE: History Projects

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  1. Civil Rights question 4

    The second result was due to a number of reasons. One of them was the Cuban missile crisis; this event had media coverage all over the world as it was in the middle of the 'cold war'. With the world fully prepared for WWIII, this was one of the most important events in modern history because, as everyone knew at the time, what ever happened here would affect the world. Also because of the previous engagements between NATO forces and Communist forces in Korea twelve years beforehand, tensions between the two political systems were extremely tense and could easily spark off.

    • Word count: 905
  2. Assess the relative importance of the long term and short term causes of the First World War

    It stemmed from the breakdown of the complex Bismarkian alliance system. For example, the failure for Germany to renew the Reinsurance Treaty with Russia pushed Russia and France to seek friendship from their isolated positions. However the relative importance of this cause is somewhat weak. The system was actually rather limited: for example, the Triple Entente was a loose agreement, Italy lacked dedication in the Triple Alliance, the Franco-British Entente had no military foreground and Russia was looked upon with suspicion as a worthwhile ally after its defeat in the Russo-Japanese War.

    • Word count: 883
  3. History Coursework - Jack the Ripper

    The sources main purpose is to describe the horrific wounds made to the body, how she was found and maybe what the murderer might have taken from the victim. However, the source gives no mention to what the killer himself was like whereas source A and B don't which means that it doesn't support the evidence show in source A or B. Nonetheless, source C does mention that the wound was caused by a knife which is common in all sources and therefore source C does support some of the evidence in source A and B.

    • Word count: 712
  4. History Coursework - Jack the Ripper

    and if Jack the Ripper wasn't foreign then this meant he could have got away with his murders easily helping him avoid capture. However, the evidence was given by Elizabeth Long who was a fellow prostitute whom may well have been very nervous at the time which is evident as she says things like "I think" and "I'm not sure" which suggests she was nervous and ultimately unsure meaning she could have been making her own assumptions when at the time of the murder she could have also been drunk.

    • Word count: 669
  5. Newport Quay

    Coal was used to heat homes; trains used it on the railways to power their engines. It was used at the power station to provide electricity and at the gasworks to provide power and gas. It was the most essential import of the time. All of these were found in Newport as it was a central location. The island didn't just import goods though, it also exported. Lambs and wool were often exported to the mainland, in 1818 a whopping 1000 lambs a week were sent off to London; then less than a century later it became the most important fat lamb supplier.

    • Word count: 6228
  6. Berlin Blockade

    The ideologies clashed from the beginning of the post-World War two conferences. Even though the Yalta Conference was considered as a helpful one - because the "Big Three" as they were called, all got together and formed agreements, it did raise some eyebrows as the major powers tried to foresee each others' futures. Some months later, at the Potsdam conference, the leaders didn't come together to form agreements which they would act upon in the future. The outcomes of the Yalta conference completely differed to those in the Potsdam conference, because lack of trust began to develop and caused arguments between all the leaders.

    • Word count: 1124
  7. Northern Ireland Question 3

    This is evidence that peace has not been fully restored, yet there is strong evidence to suggest that things have gotten better since b****y Sunday in 1972. The British government held talks with various parties, including the Provisional IRA, during 1972 and 1973. (The Official IRA declared a ceasefire in 1972, and eventually ended violence altogether, although a breakaway group, the Irish National Liberation Army, continued with a campaign of violence. The Provisional IRA, however, remained the largest and most effective nationalist paramilitary group.)

    • Word count: 1710
  8. Ketts Rebellion and Execution

    But the problem never got solved. Robert Kett led the protests and they first protested in Norfalk. The large group then gathered to destroy fences of a landowner called Flowerdew. Robert Kett was also a rival of Flowerdew's himself. Kett led 16,00 protests to Norwich for six weeks where they camped outside of the city walls. Kett and his people prepared a list 0f 29 grievances including high food prices, landowners raising rents and taking over common land. Kett and his people held their own courts and church services to stop the local landowners getting rich while the rest of them suffered while using the latest Protestant rites.

    • Word count: 550
  9. Did the position of black Americans improve 1919-1941?

    Many black Americans were able to raise a family and earn a wage that was just about decent. An education was available to the black Americans and many became intelligent members of society, such as dentists, doctors and teachers. Oscar Depient became the first black member of congress in 51 years. All of these things boosted the reputation of the black Americans. This was down to the universities set up for black Americans. The life expectancy of black Americans improved by 8.1 years and living conditions improved when the electrification of the south states took place. In Harlem black musicians such as Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald showed that black people had original talent and in the 1920s jazz

    • Word count: 675
  10. The soviet union was to blame for the Cold War.

    The USSR was a communist country where the wealth of the country was shared out equally, businesses would have no competition, as there would only be one company for each product and election would only have one political party. However Communism had a huge main flaw and it was that for everyone to be 'equal' they obviously should have the same amount of 'power' within the country and wealth. This was not the case as the politicians were rich and had more power than everyone else.

    • Word count: 814
  11. Was Weimar Germany doomed from the start?

    This led to the revolt of ex-soldiers. Soldiers who had fought in communist Russia had liked the thought of communism and fought for that, these were called Spartacists. Meanwhile other ex-soldiers called Freikorps, led by Wolfgang Kapp, wanted to take over Germany's government. The two groups became rivals and fighting in the streets of Berlin, Germany's capital city, meant that the government had to move to Weimar instead. The two groups were bought down in two different ways. The Spartacist leaders were arrested and killed by the German army and the Freikorps and the Freikorps had their plan ruined by a general strike.

    • Word count: 648
  12. Does sources A to F suggest that Israels desire to establish a homeland in Palestine led to conflict in the Middle East?

    A variety of laws facilitated the transfer of land abandoned by Arabs to state ownership. Law allowed the state to take control over the land belonging to anyone who migrated over to other countries. By the late 1950's GB was reassessing its role in the region. The economic potential that was in the Middle East, as well as its strategic importance against the Cold War, caused Britain to strengthen its position there. Countries which were important to do this were Egypt and Iraq. Britain's military forces were spread throughout the region, including a military base in Suez which held 80,000 troops making it one of the largest military bases in the world.

    • Word count: 1257
  13. The United plan for the Palestine

    After the 135AD revolt, the Romans expelled the Jews from Palestine, forming the Jewish Diaspora. Zionism is the international Jewish political movement that supports the reestablishment of a homeland for the Jewish people in the Palestine. Zionism was established by Theodor Herzl who was a journalist. In the late 19th century "Der Judenstaat" was publicized and Herzl became famous amongst the Jews. The movement encourages Jewish migration to the "Land of Israel" which was eventually successful. In the 1890s Theodor Herzl started new ideology which led to the first congress at Basel in 1897 and creation of the World Zionist Organization (WZO).

    • Word count: 1004
  14. The Gunpowder Plot

    Before long the group grew to also have Guy Fawkes. They thought that Guy would be a useful companion in their group as Guy Fawkes was said to have fought in Netherlands and Spain as a mercenary. He earned the nickname Guido and sometimes signed as it. He too was willing to act on the troubles that the Catholics in England beared. His colleagues quickly learned to trust him, and later gave him the job of acquiring 36 barrels of gunpowder. Once he had acquired it, he was to store it in the rented space of the cellar beneath the House of Lords.

    • Word count: 771
  15. Civil War

    The nobles were given their title by previous monarchs so they owed the monarch. Parliament controlled South Eastern regions as there were many merchants in the cities. They earned their money by hardwork and were reluctant to Charles' taxes. Parliament also received troops from Scotland. The Battle of Edgehill occurred when both sides on route for London clashed together. King Charles marched his army from Shrewsbury on 12th October, his plans to make it to London.

    • Word count: 459
  16. Did Haig deserve his reputation

    He started to use cavalry as a form of attack for over the top. However it clearly didn't work and it was a huge forfeit to the British army. It was impossible for the horses to make the distance over the top due to the amount of obstacles. Apart from being constantly shelled, as they were always in full view, the terrain made it impossible for the horses. Pot holes, dead bodies and very heavy mud prevented any kind of attack. Another point is Haig never succeeded in cutting through the Germans barbed wire.

    • Word count: 1856
  17. Medicine Developments

    Aided by developments such as the microscope Pasteur discovered particular microorganisms growing in a vat of alcohol that was going bad. He was called in by other industries who had similar problems and concluded that 'germs' were responsible not only for milk turning sour, but also wine, beer etc going bad. Building on the work of Pasteur, the German doctor, Robert Koch, found a way to stain micro-organisms so that they could be observed more easily. Using his methods the causes of diseases were identified very quickly.

    • Word count: 1008
  18. Wall Street Crash

    Around 600,000 people were speculators, they were gamblers. Speculators would borrow money to buy shares and sell them as soon as their price had risen. They would buy "on margin" which meant they only had to put down 10 per cent of the cash needed to buy shares and could borrow the rest. They would pay back the borrowed money back as soon as their shares had made a profit, this intrigued a lot of people. One vital ingredient in all this was confidence. When people were confident prices would rise there would be more buyers than sellers and whenever people were not confident prices would rise, all of a sudden there would be more sellers than buyers which would cause the market to crash.

    • Word count: 769
  19. In what ways was conscription a controversial issue

    First the causes of conscription were controversial because of the falling level of recruitment. Many soldiers were being killed to quickly so no one would volunteer that's why they introduced conscription to get more people in the army. Also more and more troops were needed because of the style of fighting e.g. stalemate , attrition and trench warfare but some volunteers were not allowed to join because when they went to register the people working for the volunteer system said they would not be able to fight they didn't think they were strong enough.

    • Word count: 571
  20. Essay Question 5 Study all the sources. Source P is for the television series which suggests that many of the efforts made to protect and defend the country were not very effective. Use the evidence of the sources, and your own knowledge, to explain wheth

    This shows the efforts they made. It proves that they were trained so they could fight on both land and water. This was quite effective because England did win the war and if the German soldiers had got in and attacked every part of England then they wouldn't have won. If I was just looking at this particular source I would disagree with what source P shows and say that what they did was effective because if they hadn't of done what they did do they wouldn't have been ready for an attack on water.

    • Word count: 1847
  21. Civil War

    It will also examine the weaknesses of the Nationalists, led by Chiang Kai Shek, and the long term effects of WWII that brought to the closure of the Civil War, with the Communists emerging victory. SOCIAL ISSUES: One of the key advantages of the Communist Party can be seen in their social aspects such as their huge support of the peasants, which dominated the majority of the society (90%). At the end of WWII, the Nationalists gained control of all the main cities in China, while the communists held the countryside.

    • Word count: 720
  22. history

    and "Germans" and forbidden Jews from employing young Aryan women as household help. The second law, The Reich Citizenship Law, stripped Jews of their German citizenship and introduced a new distinction between "Reich citizens" and "nationals." This for the Jews meant a loss of freedom to choose who they could marry and to vote, as if they didn't exist. They had limited choice in where they could go as most places banned Jews, some families were forced to live in poor conditions as finding work became increasingly difficult.

    • Word count: 2601
  23. history

    On the floor there is an unpaid bill, which may be the reason the women is upset. On the wall it is written "the saloon is well named "the poor man's club" it keeps its members and their families always poor", which again supports the idea that men would rather have a drink and waste their money on the saloons than feed and support their families. This links in with the statement made by Hobson and indeed those Saloon men were in fact poor and were also making the families suffer, this also is supported by the statement given by

    • Word count: 4919
  24. Just like previous attempts to bring peace to Northern Ireland, the Good Friday Agreement has been a failure and the problems are still impossible to overcome Do you agree?

    Moderate Nationalists were happy with the agreement, they felt it had possibilities but they didn't agree with interment. Extreme Nationalists groups like Sinn Fein rejected the agreement because it effectively confirmed the Partition of Ireland. Less people supported Ira and moved to SDLP because they agreed with the peace treaty. The Anglo-Irish agreement overall was a failure because the violence continued with t*t for tat killings but there still was little success with people moving from extreme groups like Ira to SDLP because they agreed with the treaty. Secondly, I will be analysing the Downing Street Declaration. The agreement was agreed between Prime Minister John Major and the Taoiseach, Albert Reynolds.

    • Word count: 2718
  25. Biggest Effect on Ireland

    It has a great effect on how Ireland is now today. The Easter Rising had a big immediate effect on the public; the public were forced to see how the rebels were wrong to oppose the British army. This opinion changed dramatically over a period of a few days, due to the Irish Rebels being executed without trial, they were seen as martyrs and many of the Irish turned against the British government and support Sinn Fein, thanks to Maxwell.

    • Word count: 470

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