Hitler's Foreign Policies and the Outbreak of War.

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Foreign Policies

Did Hitler achieve his all his aims?

Adolf Hitler aimed to destroy the hated Versailles settlement, build up the army, recover lost territory such as the Saar and the Polish Corridor, and bring all Germans within the Reich by creating Lebensraum. Hitler wanted the Polish Corridor because it would mean the country would be divided in two and there were lots of Germans there like in Sudetenland. He wanted Rhineland because he wanted to destroy the Versailles agreement. He wanted Austria because he was an Austrian and there were 8million German speakers there. His aims occurred due to Nazi ideology that the treaty was bad, Aryan race was the best, communism was bad and Jews were bad. He achieved all of his aims because he had destroyed the Versailles settlement by invading Rhineland in 1936, invading Poland in 1939 and breaking the Anschluss by invading Austria in 1938. This meant that all that Hitler wanted he got without any hindrance because Britain only wanted peace so they did not react and France did not want to start another war as they were still recovering. This also allowed Hitler to gain a lot of confidence.

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Did Hitler’s policies cause the war?

Most of Hitler’s policies did not contribute to causing the war because when Hitler tried to conquer Austria in 1934 by political pressure no one reacted. When Hitler invaded Rhineland in 1936 Britain nor France defended it because they did not want to start another war. When Hitler broke the Anschluss none of the Big Three decided to stop because this meant a larger German population for Hitler. Hitler also attacked Czechoslovakia in 1938 to claim Sudetenland because it had a large German speaking population and Britain allowed it but however his invasion of ...

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