Hitler's Foreign Policy - Appesement and the Nazi-Soviet Pact.

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History Test – Hitler’s Foreign Policy

. Hitler had many aims in foreign policy: he wanted to destroy the Treaty of Versailles, to stop the reparation payments, to earn Lebensraum in East by invading Eastern Europe and the USSR, to achieve Pan-Germanic Nationalism, to rearm and to defeat communism.

. Britain followed the policy of appeasement for many reasons. The first was that Britain did not want to repeat the horrors of World War One. They vividly remembered the horrific experiences of it and wanted to avoid another war at almost any cost and so, by appeasing Hitler, they could prevent another war.

Another reason was that Hitler was standing up to Communism. Hitler was not the only concern to Britain and its allies. They were more concerned about the spread of Communism and particularly about the dangers to world peace posed by Stalin. Hitler acted as a buffer to the threat of spreading communism.
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A further reason that Britain followed a policy of appeasement was that many people agreed with Hitler that the Treaty of Versailles is unfair to Germany. They assumed that once these wrongs were put right then Germany would become a peaceful nation again.

Also Britain had economic problems which were a higher priority. It was still suffering from the effects of the Depression. They had large debts and huge unemployment.

. In this essay I am going to argue that the Nazi Soviet Pact was a more significant cause of World War Two than the Remilitarisation ...

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