Hitler's Rise to Power

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Adam McEvoy Robinson

In 1933 Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany. The right wing government was completely the opposite of the communist ideas of the left wing government that ran Russia.. Hitler had been a soldier in the First World War he earned the highest honour in Germany, The Iron Cross.

Hitler had despised the Treaty of Versailles and was appalled about his government signing the Treaty. Hitler believed that the treaty crushed German economy and left the people of the country starving. Hitler found a way he could come to power and reduce unemployment and many other things that the German people needed in the country. Hitler had not been in power before and the German people trusted him, believing his ideas about what Germany would be when it returned to its former glory.

Many people in Germany were jealous of the Jews and their prosperity and thus began to blame the Jews for everything that went wrong in their country, leading to the hatred of the Jews. Known as Anti-Semitism. The Jews, in their adopted countries began being persecuted. One such example of Anti-Semitism was in Russia where the Jews were forced to live in ghettos. In most cases the ghettos were unprotected and vulnerable to attack.


Many Germans blamed the Jews for the loss of the war and accused them of trying to over-take the world. After the Nuremberg Laws, which severely restricted the Jews. Violence against the Jews increased radically and thousands fled from Germany to other parts of Europe, but those who stayed could not have imagined what was to come.

The Jews of Russia had lived in ghettos for years before the nazis began their regime but the Jews in Russia had to live a long way from everyone else they were not allowed into public places outside the ghettos. Jews had always been persecuted from the middle ages when the crusades had taken place in their homeland and they had fled to Europe to find a safer place to live. These Jews surprised the people of the countries where the Jews moved to and they began a hatred that has lasted for hundreds of years called anti Semitism. The Jews of Russia were hated because they were believed to cause all things to go wrong. Hitler used this idea in his anti Semitism when he came to power in Germany the Germans accepted this idea because it meant they had something to blame for all the misfortunes of the Germans during the 20s.

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In 1938 a Jew shot a Nazi official dead and Hitler was absolutely furious. He ordered his Army, the S.A, to commence a week of terror against the Jews. It began on 10th November 1938 with 'The night of the Broken Glass.' 10,000 Jewish shopkeepers had their windows smashed and contents looted while Jewish homes and Synagogues went up in flames. The S.A men murdered dozens and arrested thousands on the grounds of being a Jew. The situation would deteriorate soon after when the Jews were ordered to pay the Nazi government 1 billion Marks. The S.A men also continued ...

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