Hitler Vs. The Undesirables.

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Hitler Vs. The Undesirables

The Nazis believed the superiority of the Aryan Race. He saw Jews and other minority groups such as Homosexuals, gypsies or mentally handicapped as people who did not fit his Aryan ideology. Hitler wanted to breed an all powerful army, who had general features such as blue eyes and blond hair. Apart from the Aryan ideology each group posed in the Nazi’s eyes a threat. Anti-Semitic view had been breeding within Germany for a long time. Hitler had hated the Jews for a number of years. Hitler did not like the fact Jews tended to be well educated and therefore held well-paid professional jobs or ran successful stores and businesses. In Hitler’s years when he was a tramp in Vienna he became obsessed by the fact that Jews ran many of the most successful businesses, particularly the large department stores. This offended his idea of the superiority of the Aryans. The Nazis had a particular fear for the Gypsies because they did not come in any category as satisfactory. Hitler was determined for them not to make any contact with Aryans, because he had a fear that the Gypsies would distort his picture of a master race. Homosexuals were no use to Hitler therefore, he despised the m. They were no help in the creation of the master race therefore; he wanted to annihilate them as well. Finally, the mentally handicapped, had no use at all. They were not able to have children to produce in the master race. They were also “Work-shy,” therefore; they produced nothing for the German economy.

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How Did Hitler Deal With the Problem?

When Hitler took power in 1933, anti-Gypsy laws remained in effect. As the Nazis immediately began to implement their vision of a new Germany — one that placed "Aryans" at the top of the hierarchy of races and ranked Jews, Gypsies, and blacks as racial inferiors. Under the July 1933 "Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Defects," physicians sterilized against their will an unknown number of Gypsies, part-Gypsies, and Gypsies in mixed marriages. Similarly, under the "Law against Dangerous Habitual Criminals" of November 1933, the police arrested many Gypsies along ...

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