How civilised were the Romans?

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How civilised were the Romans?

The Romans are normally seen as being quite civilised, however there are aspects of their life that we, as modern day people, would consider very uncivilised. Such as Gladiators, slavery and forms of beauty and some civilised aspects may be fashion, food and entertainment. However what it is to be civilised has changed dramatically over the years, so what the Romans considered civilised is different now.

       Slavery was very uncivilised. It was used as a way of showing how wealthy people were. Richer people would buy slaves to do all their work for them. Slaves would have to do the washing, ironing, cooking and all of the housework. They sometimes had to educate the children of the house and work on farms to grow crops for the family. They were not paid for any of their work. These days this sort of behaviour would be totally unaccepted. Although the richer of the Romans thought this was acceptable, many individuals thought that it was a disgrace and shouldn’t be happening.

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        Gladiatorial battles were too, very uncivilised.  They were a form of entertainment for those people who would go to the coliseums in their thousands to watch the gladiators fight. They would pay to see men fight to their death with some of the most successful gladiators around.  Gladiators were seen as celebrities would be today. It was, for some people, a part of daily life to go to the coliseums and watch the fights. Today this sort of activity would be seen barbaric and cruel therefore unaccepted. Although a lot of the Romans enjoyed going to ...

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