How Did Hong Kong Fall so Quickly to the Japanese in WWII

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How did Hong Kong fall so quickly to the Japanese?

On December 25th, 1941, the event known as the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong took place. On December 8th, the Japanese began an attack on Hong Kong. After 18 days of fighting, the governor of Hong Kong, Mark Young surrendered Hong Kong to the Japanese forces and that day was the beginning of the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong. The invasion of Hong Kong began long after the attack of Pearl Harbour, Philippines and Malaysia. and At the start, invading Hong Kong was never part of the Japanese empire’s plan, but that was changed when Winston Churchill stated that Hong Kong would not stand a chance against the Japanese alone, but would never fall because it was under British government.  Fighting alongside the Hong Kong Defence Forces were the British, Canadian and Indian forces. but despite the many soldiers, Hong Kong still fell to the Japanese in a matter of days. How was this possible?

One of the main reasons was because the British and the Canadians were not prepared for such a large-scaled attack, and underestimated the strength of the Japanese forces. At the start, around 1930, The British were worried that the Japanese may attempt to invade Hong Kong, and so they sent 2000 soldiers from the Royals Scots and the Middlesex Regiment to defend Hong Kong. Soon after, 1800 Rajputs and Punjabis were sent to Hong Kong as well. When the attack was confirmed, Canada sent 2000 soldiers to Hong Kong. These soldiers were from the Royal Rifles of Canada and the Winnipeg Grenadiers. The Canadians were not prepared for battle because they were not properly trained, and were classified as unfit for war. There were around 1000 troops from the Hong Kong Defence Forces, but most of them were inexperienced and unfit for war as well. When the Japanese arrived at Hong Kong, the British expected an invasion of 5,000 soldiers. The actual number of Japanese soldiers in the invasion was around 60,000. The British had only prepared enough soldiers to hold off 10,000 troops, so when 60,000 came, they were outgunned and outnumbered.

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Another reason why Hong Kong fell so quickly was because the British had positioned their troops badly at the time of the attack. After the Japanese had crossed the border, the British placed all of their troops at the Shing Mun redoubt, The Royal Scots Battalion held defences extending from the Texaco Peninsula to the Shing mun Redoubt. The British believed that the redoubt would provide a military advantage.They had predicted that it would take the Japanese at least a week before they could get there, if not more. It only took the Japanese half a day to get ...

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