How far do I think Hitler was to blame for causing World War II?

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How far do I think Hitler was to blame for causing World War II?

Though Hitler was one of the main causants of the war, he doesn’t hold all the blame. One of the main reasons was the Versailles Treaty. The Versailles Treaty destroyed Germany ten times more after it had suffered the First World War and it caused chaos everywhere. Germany suffered hyperinflation, a decrease in trade, and overall misery. People of all classes were crushed. In Mein Kampf, Hitler exposes the main ideas he had when he came power. These were:

  1. The destruction of the Treaty Of Versailles. This would allow Germany to rearm and regain lost territory.
  2. To gain territory (living space) for Germany in eastern Europe. This would a war in order to defeat Soviet Bolshevism.
  3. To include all German-speaking people in his proposed ‘Third Reich’, especially those living in Austria, the Sudeten area of Czechoslovakia and Danzig.
  4. To create a ‘racially pure’ German state that would be the most dominant power in Europe.

It's evident he had always wanted to exterminate Germany from foreign and religious groups who weren't catholic, but he hadn't idealized the Final Solution just yet. There were other important figures in the timeline of the war that directly and indirectly helped Hitler to become as supreme and mighty as he became. The Prime Minister Hideki Tojo of Japan was one of these figures, for he ordered the invasions of Manchuria (1930) and destroyed the Russian Pacific Fleet (1905) prior to Hitler invading Poland. Japan was a member of the League of Nations and this sudden imperialistic movement made the League of Nations seem weak. Let's not leave out Benito Mussolini who'd invaded Ethiopia and Libya before Hitler was even in power, Invaded the Sudan, British Somaliland colonies, and Egypt immediately following Hitler's invasion of France (which Mussolini ALSO participated in).

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The economic crash of the USA holds a lot of blame, considering it helped Hitler gain popularity. If it hadn't been for the crash, Hitler's Nazis would've been a minor and insignificant political group. The Russian Revolution was idly involved, for the wave of savage communism that had taken place in it scared the middle and higher classes in Germany. If Germany became communist, it would be their end. Hitler promised he would abolish communism (even though the Nazis stand for Nationalsozialismus, in other words socialism, which is much like communism).

The failure to appease Germany was ...

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