How Far Was Roosevelt Himself Responsible For His Election Victory In 1932?

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How far was Roosevelt himself responsible for his election victory in 1932?

Roosevelt won the presidential election in 1932, there are many factors that contributed to Roosevelt's victory, and some of these are not due to Roosevelt himself. Roosevelt's opposition in the election was Herbert Hoover, the current president, who was a Republican; this would have had a bearing on the election. Roosevelt was a Democratic and the Democratic Party provided him with a lot of support in his campaign to be president. At the time of the election the Depression was getting increasingly worse, so people were looking for options and policies that would have affected the way they voted. Roosevelt's contribution to his own election would have been very substantial, but there are other events and factors that his election would have depended on.

One of the most important factors of Roosevelt's election was the Depression. The Depression created a need for change in the people and this what FDR offered. The Depression left fourteen million unemployed and many homeless, which had the effect of making many people feel desperate. World Trade had also dropped to two thirds of what it had been in 1929, with the economy in chaos many businesses closed. With a president in power that was failing to solve the Depression, people looked for a strong figure that could rescue them, and Roosevelt was that man. The Depression was a key factor in FDR's election as it was what originally made people want change and it gave FDR the chance to become a presidential candidate.
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Roosevelt had two terms as Governor of New York before his election (1929-1933). This would have give FDR experience for solving the problems of the Depression but on a smaller scale. As Governor, FDR could also experiment with different policies and solutions such as relief for the elderly and unemployed. Roosevelt established a good reputation for his work as governor and this would have encouraged people to vote for him to be President. Roosevelt was rich enough to never have to work, this wealth could have created confidence in Roosevelt. If anything went wrong in the election he ...

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