How Far Was The New Deal A Success By 1941?

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Sarpreet Singh Khakh

How Far Was The New Deal A Success By 1941?

        The coursework in which I am undertaking is upon the question ‘how far was the new deal a success by 1941?’. The question that I am investigating is on the topic on whether the new deal was a success from the date it was formed to subsequent till America joined World War two.

I will discuss throughout this essay on how far the new deal was a triumph. I will do this by thoroughly investigating the schemes President Roosevelt created within his New Deal, ideally identifying the groups the New Deal helped and the success’s in which it created. I will also include the problems, failures and opposition that threatened the New Deals success. After analysing all the data and concluding my theories I will answer the question on ‘how far was the new deal a success by 1941?’

The New Deal was a scheme organised by the current President, President Roosevelt, to help those affected by the problems America had experienced. During this period America was suffering from the Wall Street Crash and the Depression. These two major blips in American history caused the world to stop for a short period, which showed how influential America was in the past.

The Wall Street Crash was the collapse of the stock market in America on the famous Wall Street during the year 1929. The Wall Street Crash occurred due to millions of Americans investing in the American stock exchange via shares, as America’s economy boomed the shares inside the stock market increased rapidly and more people decided to buy, with loans from banks. Smarter investors knew that the shares eventually would arrive to a halt and decided to sell their shares, other investors also sold their shares but at lower prices. The shares rapidly decreased in price and inexperienced Americans panicked and sold their shares at a ridiculously low price. This caused the stock market to collapse and these changes in events struck the whole of America into a depression.  

The depression in America affected almost the whole of its population if not all the American people. The collapse of the stock market left millions of Americans in huge sums of debt, which they owed to the banks. A drop in wages or unemployment fuelled the problem further as Americans could not keep up their payments, which in turn affected shops and factories. No one was buying or selling American goods, America was in ruins, whilst the current president didn’t help to solve the crisis.

During the late 20’s and the early 30’s the current President, President Hoover, believed that the depression, which struck America, would be temporary and that the natural economic forces would recover the countries stature. However he realised that America could not recover through its own means and decided to take action, but it was too little too late. Presidents Hoovers measures that he did accomplish helped America slightly throughout the troubled times but he kept the publics spending low which subsequently still left businesses in ruins. It was time for a new President and new actions and schemes to help the once most powerful country in the world.

In America in 1932 everything changed as the American public elected a new president to help resolve the problems Americans desperately required. The new President was Franklin D Roosevelt, who Americans thought could out achieve the former President in helping the nation. As his policies proved to be popular, to distribute food and money to those in extreme poverty, to solve the banking crisis, industry and trade and to set up large-scale government projects to cut unemployment.

The New Deal was necessary for America as it helped the economy recover and the government was fully involved to the country’s recovery as they pumped masses of money to help the people of its nation. The New Deal was America’s lifeline they desperately required through the difficult times.

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Roosevelt created the New Deal on March 1933 and this was the day the rehabilitation of America was enforced. The New Deal was created to help restore America to its rightful place as the most powerful country in the world. The New Deal consisted of different techniques to help recover the nations economy. Roosevelt hoped to achieve this by applying useful procedures and helped crucial social groups to help his country from this disaster.

One of Roosevelt’s regimes in his New Deal was to apply the famous the three ‘r’s, these were known better as relief, recovery and ...

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