How important was chariot racing for the Romans?

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How important was chariot racing for the Romans?

Racing has been a pastime for humans ever since we were able to tame animals and since we have had the technology to allowed us. There are so many forms of racing in the world today that have been shaped through hundreds and thousands of years. What is it that attracts us to racing? Is it the speed, potential crashes or even just the atmosphere? To answer this question many things have to be considered.

To start with lets look at the start of the Rome, at the first celebration of the Consualia in honour of Consus (an ancient god of agriculture) the rape of the Sabine Women is believed to have happened. Romulus (founder of Rome) held chariot races at this celebration. The Sabine people - An ancient tribe from the mountains of central Italy, were invited to watch the chariot races. During this time Rome had no women, the chariots were a distraction, as the men were watching the Romans kidnapped the women and took them for their own wives.

This shows a few things, we can see firstly that chariot racing has existed from the very beginning of Rome, which obviously means it holds a lot of importance to the Romans. This sport also was the foundation of the plan for getting the Romans their women, and just the fact they used it over anything else shows its significance. We can also see that the chariot racing would have been a great spectacle as it had the power to attract a mass of people containing enough women to start off a colossal empire “nobody had eyes or thoughts for anything else." Livy.

If we think about the Roman way of life, it progressively got more involved with entertainment as things developed. At the beginning there were very few forms of entertainment, in fact it is probably possible to count them on one hand. They had plays, gladiators, sports both aggressive and non-aggressive like wrestling and running other than this there was only really music and art. Now think about how many types we have, it is significantly larger than

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What the Romans had. However, if you ask someone how important say F1 racing was to them they’d probably say not too important but that is because we all have different acquired tastes. Back then you had too like what was on offer otherwise you would have nothing! However there was still some resistance to the entertainment on offer to the Romans, Pliny the Younger complains that chariot racing is exactly the same all the time, he then expresses his frustration at the people who do like it because they only like it because of the type of team “It ...

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