How justified was the Treaty of Versailles?

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                                      How justified was the Treaty of Versailles?


        The treaty of Versailles was justified in some ways as it could have been much more worse. However,there are negative parts to the treaty.

Even before the treaty was signed problems arose leading to it being not fair in some circumstances. Germany was not having a say in the League of Nations. Also, Versailles is not exactly a good place to hold a peace talk as it was in Paris, as France wanted Germany destroyed. This is unjustified because it was supposed be a peace conference so ever country should have a say but instead it was revenge.  

Germany had to sign Article 231 (The war guilt clause) saying that she started the war. This is not justified as she did not entirely start the war and it is not entirely her fault the war started in the first place it takes a number of countries to start a war. This links to why it was fair as Germany entered war willingly.

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Germany entered the war willingly nobody had forced them into it; therefore they have to accept the consequences of losing a war. This is fair as the Germans knew the consequences and it was their mistake for entering war.

Germany had caused a lot of damage that was done to countries like Belgium so she should pay for the damage she caused. This resulted to £6600 million as reparations. Yes Germany should pay for the damage she caused but the amount that she was to pay was too high. The world’s leading economist John Maynard Keynes had said the reparations ...

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