How much impact did the Tet offensive have on conflict in Vietnam?

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how much impact did the tet offensive have on the conflict in vietnam?

At the beginning of the vietnam war president Johnson started to gradually increase the numbers of US advisers in the south providing support and protection from the vc and the spread of communism. The tet offensive was a big turning point in the war as it had great impact on the strategies deployed by both sides as well as the public support for the war and the diplomacy between the VC and the US.

in 1965 president johnson started to thread through troops into south vietnam. The war was still young and johnson had greatly undermined how well the vc was prepared. the us was a military force. The vc were cunning, clever and they were just as skilled from a military perspective. giap (the general of the vc) foresaw that if the vc used large scale attacks they would have no impact on such a rich, powerful military force like America. The vc tackled this by using guerilla warfare (a ancient tactic also known as sun tzu) which consisted of small scale attacks and continuous use of booby traps this was used as their main military strategy. The guerilla tactic needed tactical minds and people with very agile minds. This tactic affected the american soldiers a lot, causing them anxiety, fear and tension. one of the key success of this was their quick executioning of the ambushing of american troops. This was a much studied strategy which was put into place by general giap to pave the way he wanted his soldiers to fight.

Up until tet, the us used their brilliant weaponry and their money. the advantage the us had was their power in the air by carrying out thousands of bombing campaigns across vietnam dropping ordinance on little villages where suspected VC troops could be hiding. the US also used chemical warfare which was very controversial with the dropping of napalm(a highly flammable, sticky jelly used in bombs and explosives) and the uses of agent orange and agent blue (these were defoliants) used to kill all forest land to reveal the vc troops. the effects are still bad today with thousands of miles of unusable farmland and another effect at the time was babies were being born deformed due to their pregnant mothers drinking water containing the defoliants. Another tactic was search and destroy this was a brutal tactic which consisted of a group of american troops searching the village taking any resources then burning the whole village

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Before Tet large majorities of people started to gradually oppose the war, even at the peak of the war there was never more than 10% of the population of the us in favour of immediate withdrawal  many people thought the war was useless. students in particular were starting to arrange protests and many organisations were formed such as the american civil rights movement who was led by the inspirational martin luther king, lectures and the great Muhammad Ali were also among the protesters. one demonstration held in new york had 200,000 protestors. the media also influenced the support ...

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