How Roosevelt Won the Election Roosevelt Was Voted In For His First Term In Office In 1932?

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How Roosevelt won the Election

Roosevelt was voted in for his first term in office in 1932. Roosevelt displayed smiling confidence throughout the campaign. He campaigned throughout the country, outlining in general terms his program for recovery and reform he intended to make, this became known as the new deal. Roosevelt received 22,822,00 votes compared to Hoover's 15,762,000, the electoral vote was 472 to 59. Roosevelt took office on 4th March 1933.

I am first going to look at the factors of Roosevelt's election victory that he was directly responsible for. Roosevelt's personality appealed to a wide range of people from many different walks of life. His most appealing personality trait was that he always looked for the best in people and wanted to get the best for them. He was also not arrogant and had empathy for the suffering of the poor in the depression. This empathy may have stemmed from his illness. This gave him a physical problem, whereas the public had an economic problem, but the despair was he same. This made people feel closer to him and would have helped him gain votes. Roosevelt also understood the problems and hardships of people in both rural and industrial areas as he had experiences of both from earlier in his life. Because of this knowledge he aimed his policies at both types of life style. This is something that other politicians did not do, this allowed him to get votes from both areas and not having to rely on getting votes from just one.

From 1928-32 Roosevelt was the governor of New York City. Being New York Cities governor allowed him to see more of the problems for city dwelling Americans especially immigrants. As many immigrants lived in New York City (about 1 million), he instigated many social policies while he was governor. He concentrated on a program to give tax relief to farmers and to provide cheaper public utilities for consumers. These policies made him very popular in New York and led to his re-election as governor in 1930. This popularity would have carried through into his presidential election campaign. Being New York City governor was also a great stepping stone to the presidency and this combination would have helped him greatly.
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Although Roosevelt's election campaign organizers organized his speeches and places to visit, he set them up in the first place. Roosevelt's knowledge from previous campaign organization would have helped him pick the right people to help him. On Roosevelt's election campaign he used the car extensively and was the first president to do so. This gave him extensive mobility and allowed him to undertake vast campaigning tours. This would have added to his popularity, as he would have spoken to a lot of the electorates that other candidates had not bothered to do. Roosevelt was also a great ...

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