How was the opposition to the Vietnam war protrayed in contemporary literature, film and popular song?

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How was the opposition to the Vietnam war protrayed in contemporary literature, film and popular song?

As we all know, the media eg tv, magazines and radio and also peoples opinions have a strong grip over a country. The magazine articles we read the photos we see, the music we listen to, the films we watch and the events that take place around us all influence us in different ways on our opinions and in what we believe. From the 1960s to 1970s people of America had to decide on what their feelings were like towards the war and how they felt on the topic of the Vietnam War. Many people strongly opposed this war, but only a few were able to spread their own beliefs through the use of the media.


Some such people where Eric Burdon and the band which was called The Animals. They wrote a song which entered in the top chart at position 14 on June 22, 1968

  At the start of the song. It talks about.

“He blesses the boys as they stand in line”

This he, he refers to could be anyone, who blesses the boys as they stand in line. This he who they referred to is a priest a Chaplin, giving them their last rites as the soldiers take their first steps into war. They are obviously frightened and for some, this is their first time going into war and leaving their loved ones behind.

  I can tell that the Chaplin in some way shape or form has experienced war for it says in the song

“He smiles at the young soldiers, tells them it’s all right. He knows of their fear in the forthcoming fight”

I think that this part of the song it is talking about a speech which the Chaplin is making to try to inspire the young soldiers. Even though the Chaplin may oppose the war he may see the fear in the eyes of the soldiers and try to give them courage for what they were going to face. The song then goes on to say

“He mumbles a prayer and it ends with a smile, the order is given and they move down the line. But he’ll stay behind, and he’ll meditate but it won’t stop the bleeding, or ease the pain.”

This tells me that the Chaplin has done all he can he cannot do anymore. The soldiers are now going into the Chaplin cannot so he stays behind and pray. The priest has restored to saying these thing because he knows he cannot do anything more but pray

  The following verse goes on to tell me that the Chaplin may not support the war but the soldiers. The Chaplin supports their bravery and courage.

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 He lies on the bed and thinks of the men and hopes to God that they have found some sort of courage from his speech before the war.

  In one of the last verses it talks about the soldiers having the fate of their country in their hands. Seeing that it is a Chaplin he says may God give you strength? These are the sort of things Chaplins say.  

    The last verse describes a graphic and vivid picture of the morning the soldiers return. It says they return with tears in their eyes. ...

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