Huangdi versus Hadrian. Who ruled their empire more effectively?

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Huangdi versus Hadrian

Who ruled their empire more effectively?

Shi Huangdi was China’s first Emperor, and Emperor Hadrian was perhaps the Roman’s greatest Emperor. They both tried to control their empires using similar methods, such as building roads, training a strong army with military tactics, erecting frontiers to keep out the invaders. By looking at their personalities, armies, transport systems, and how they controlled the frontiers, I think Hadrian is more effective in ruling his empire.

Both Roman and Chinese people obeyed their emperors but for different reasons. This helped the emperors to keep control because people would listen to their commands and would not turn against them. Hadrian was a respected Emperor who loved his subjects. He ended unpopular wars; introduced humane laws and protected slaves from their masters. He travelled around his empire to be with his people, to witness problems faced by them. On the contrary, Shi Huangdi was an extremely ruthless person, and was feared by the people. He believed in Legalism, the belief in strict laws and punishments. In order to create the Great Wall of China, he sent thousands of people to work on it and many of them perished in the harsh conditions and treatment while building the wall.

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An efficient army was important in helping the Emperors to control their empires. During Hadrian’s reign, the Roman army was the most powerful force in the ancient world.  He inherited the army from Trajan, the great conqueror. There were 30 legions with 6,000 men each. Apart from the great numbers, the Roman legionaries and auxiliaries were well equipped and trained. The Roman army had experienced wars with rival kings such as Hannibal and Mithradates. The Romans also had the Germans and Celts to the north of their borders in Germany, Scotland and the Middle East. The Qin also had ...

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