In January 1993, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. Explain why this happened.

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In January 1993, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. Explain why this happened?

How far did the Depression cause Hitler to become Chancellor in January 1933?

Was the Nazi use if threats and violence the main reason why Hitler Became Chancellor Germany in January 1933?

         After the Wall Street Crash in 1929 which triggered the Great Depression caused political and economic de-stabilisation in Germany. The German public was mostly unemployed due to the failure in industry saw that the democratic Weimar government was doing nothing about the problem at hand and made conditions worse by passing harsh laws. After this the German public started to look for a new strong government which would solve their problem. The Nazis took advantage of the conditions created by the Great Depression was this as an opportunity to attract people to their side. People found their policies attracting and by using the Weimar’s weaknesses the Nazis kept on breaking Weimar’s support.

The impact of the Great Depression was a turning point for the Nazis and the Weimar Republic. As Germany had not yet fully recovered from the effects of the First World War, their economy was still a very brittle position. When the American banks asked the German industry to return back the money borrowed, the German economy was badly hit. This caused the German public to face many problems such as homelessness and unemployment. The government introduced harsh laws that rose taxes and cut down unemployment benefits which made the public think that democratic system of Weimar was weak and was seen ineffectual and as a result it  made the people turn to extremist parties, both left and right wing. This gave the Nazis an opportunity to introduce their policies to people which they found quite attracting as the Nazis were offering the solution to the German public’s problems. The Nazis seemed a better alternative to the people. However, it is really important to remember that due to the Depression not only the Nazis were gaining support but also the Communist. Perhaps it can be said that the Weimar weaknesses were much effective in leading the Hitler becoming more powerful.

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As the effects of the Depression became more transparent, Weimar’s weaknesses started to appear before people. As the government was afraid to go through another period of hyperinflation, Chancellor Brϋning brought up lass that would cut down on the government’s expenditure. However, he did not have a lot of support in the Reichstag therefore he had to use the Article 48 to pass laws that rose taxes, cut the unemployment benefits and wages were lowered. This not only made the Weimar Republic unpopular among the German public but the use of Article 48 side-lined the democracy and creating a ...

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