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In this Essay I am going to discuss the effects that Hitlers persecution on the Jews had on the Frank family in World War 2.

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Essay Prep         18th November

In this Essay I am going to discuss the effects that Hitler’s persecution on the Jews had on the Frank family in World War 2.

        Hitler was not happy with the race of people living in Europe so he came up with a plan which was called The Final Solution. This Final Solution was to kill every Jew in Europe. Hitler carried out his plan by calling up Jews one by one to be shipped to death camps where they would be slaughtered.

        Some Jews went to these camps and some others went in to hiding. The Frank family did this. In this essay I am going to talk about the relationships and how they changed in the Secret Annex.

The relationship between Anne and Peter was very strong and grew stronger till it burst with emotion. At the beginning when Anne and Peter meet I think they did get on very well. I thought that Margrot would fall in love with Peter and Anne would be rejected and they would not form a strong relationship. I was wrong and in the end Anne and Peter have their kiss. There were lots of times when Hitler’s regime to kill all the Jews changed their relationships. The main time I find this is that Anne and Peter would not have known each other if they did not go in to hiding. This is because they were different kind of people. Anne was loud and had lots of friends and Peter had no friends and was solitary most of the time.

 If we look at the relationship between Anne Frank and Otto Frank. This relationship was forced to its very depths in the annex as there was so little room and there were so many people. This relationship was also altered by Hitler because Otto was very protective of the people in the annex and he wanted them to be safe and put himself in risk not the other people in the annex as they hear what goes on in the outside world. This made their relationship stronger as Anne admired her father in doing this.

The relationship between Anne Frank and Edith Frank was made very weak by Hitler as he persecuted the Jews. In the diary I have the feeling that Anne thinks her mother wants to save here own neck and does not care about Anne as much as she does about herself. This relationship was all right before they came in to the Annexe and deteriorated as life went on in the Annexe. I think that  

The relationship between Anne Frank and Mr. Dussel was the funniest on of the whole lot. I think this because they both have a lot of arguments about a table in the first half of the book. I think this relationship was altered by Hitler’s persecution of the Jews because the relationship was mouldered by the fear of being caught which Mr. Dussel nervously waves around the bedroom which Anne and he have to share.

The relationship between Anne Frank and Mr. Van Daan was very up and down. The relationship was very bad this is because Mr. Van Daan was not a very rocky man and was very mean. In truth I feel sorry for Anne to have to live in a house with him. Hitler’s persecution on the Jews had a lot of effect on him and on the relationship it made him even more self centred than he normal would be.

The relationship between Mr. Van Daan and Mrs. Van Daan was also an up and down one. In the annex he would be kind and suddenly he would decide he needed more food than anyone and he needed more cigarettes. This relationship was affected by Hitler’s persecution on the Jews. This was affected because of Mr. Van Daan being nervous of the Germans finding them that he became obsessed with it and he was very unkind towards his wife and sometimes also Peter their son.    

The relationship between Mr. Van Daan and Otto Frank was not very good. These two people were almost opposite to each other. This meant that Otto frank cared about other people and he did not. The persecution of the Jews changed their relationship a lot because, again Mr. Van Daan was so petrified of the thought that they might be caught that it was unfair to Otto. Otto did not care and sorted out the situation, with in a way, pride.

 In conclusion I think that Hitler’s persecution of the Jews did change the relationships in the secret Annex. I think this because the Persecution of the Jews was so intimidating to them that they actually wanted to be caught and in the end when they were they were actually thankful for it.


By Simon Killick

This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Germany 1918-1939 section.

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