In What Ways did America's Relationship with the Rest of the World change between 1970 and 1990?

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In What Ways did America’s Relationship with the Rest of the World between 1970 and 1990?

At the start of the 1970s, the Americans had just pulled out of the Vietnam War which had been a disaster for the government. They could not get involved in anything like it again or risk a huge problem with the public turning against them. If this happened it would have seriously dented peoples trust in the government even more than it already had been. This moved America into a period known as the détente.

The détente was the relaxation in tensions between the US and some of its Cold War enemies. The president at the time, Richard Nixon, started to talk to other countries and try to get them onside in some of the issues that could affect each of the nations such as resolutions in the U.N. Nixon ended the long standing political vacuum between China and the U.S. He flew to the country after 20 years of no contact and no travel between them he finally talked to the Premier. His journey was a large move towards peace in the world. He also helped broker the SALT deals between the USSR and his own country. It stated that missile system numbers must stay the same. He was due to broker another agreement but was removed from office before it could take place. This was delayed even further and did not start until Jimmy Carter took power. These talks were eventually cancelled due to the attack on Afghanistan by Russia.

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The war was an attempted invasion by the USSR. However, the Taliban forces were funded, trained and supplied by the US. They gave them anti-aircraft missiles to take down Soviet attack helicopters and caused such a terrible loss for the Soviet forces that the attack was abandoned as it was really bad propaganda for them. They needed to pull out before it became really bad.

After this, Ronald Reagan became president. He was a staunch anti-communist. This led to a period of heightened tensions between Russia and America undoing a lot of the work that Nixon had tried to achieve. ...

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