In what ways did relations between Israel and its Arab neighbours change between 1948 and 1977?

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In what ways did relations between Israel and its Arab neighbours change in the years 1948–77?

The Arab Israeli relations generally fell during this period, although this does not mean there were not improvements in relations, as the end of the period generally marked a turning point. However, at the start of the period, relationships were poor. At the start of the period, in 1948 the Israelis were able to utilise their superior army to push back the Arab nations so that they now owned over 80% of former Palestine. The Arab states were bitter in defeat, vowing to destroy Israel in future and refusing to accept the state of Israel. Hence one can argue the First Arab Israeli war was significant as it served to provoke the Arabs into doing everything they could to harm/destroy Israel.

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Indeed, this was the case as evidenced by the Suez Crisis of 1956. Although the initial attack was launched by Israelis, the British and the French, the actions of Nasser were a key cause. Firstly, Egypt closed of the Straits of Tiran to Israel in an attempt to damage Israeli trade, and this marked a further fall in relations. Relations were worsened by super power involvement as both the USA and USSR sought to improve the strength of Israel and Egypt respectively. The USA gave Israel $65 million between the First Arab Israeli War and the Suez Crisis which was ...

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