International Relations: Revision Notes (1929-39)

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International Relations

Road to War, 1929-1939:

  • The Wall Street Crash 1929 saw America’s economy collapse, and led to economic depression in America
  • America called back loans given during WWI to other countries, bankrupting them, especially Germany who had suffered from reparations
  • Economic depression is likely to lead to political extremism as the public begin to look for stronger leadership, more likely to become isolationist and co-operate less on the international scale
  • Consequences of WSC: high unemployment, essentials became more expensive, reduced business, other countries pulled into the depression due to loans

The League of Nations:

  • Set up in 1919 as one of Wilson’s 14 points, calling for international co-operation, disarmament, better social conditions and less aggression  by countries
  • Early successes include settling land disputes in 1920s with Aaland Islands and Vilna, as well as helping refugees and increasing overall social conditions
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Manchurian Incident:

  • Manchurian incident: Japan invades Manchuria on September 1931, citing Chinese aggression as the reason for invasion
  • The League did little to help China, but appointed a commission months later in December 1931, and this took until October 1932 to be completed
  • Report suggests that Japan was in the wrong, but Japan instead leaves the League, and continue by invading the Jehol province next to Manchuria
  • No economic sanctions or sales bans placed on Japan as the League could not agree (Britain and France still openly traded with Japan)

Abyssinian Crisis 1935:

  • Italy was also ...

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