International Relations: Revision Notes (Post WWII & Cold War)

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Cold War Development 1943-56

Tehran Conference 1943: FDR, Churchill & Stalin meet to suggest that there should be two ‘spheres of influence’, one for western capitalism and one for eastern communism

Yalta Conference 1945: Agreement that there should be allowances for spheres of influence, as well as establishment of the UN, and that USSR troops would aid USA in fighting Japan

Potsdam Conference 1945: (Truman takes over for USA) Size of Germany decreased, and split into four sections for each of the four countries (USA, Britain, France and USSR)

Change in Truman’s attitude noticed with the successful test of atom bomb, Stalin reverses his promises on a free mixed government in Poland

A War with Words & Alliances

Suspicion between USSR and USA continues, and the Long and Novikov Telegrams are sent in 1946.

Long Telegram to USA: USSR ready to destroy capitalism, unable to coexist with communism, USSR building up its military power for war

Novikov’s Telegram to USSR: USA preparing public for war, and desired to dominate the world

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1947: Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan: A shift from isolationism

  • Choice between communism and democracy
  • America had the responsibility to fight for freedom
  • America would offer economic aid and military resources to help other countries
  • Communism should be limited in the ‘containment’ policy
  • Marshall plan offered $17 billion in economic aid to European countries, and established trade ties with the US

1947: Cominform established: USSR response to Truman Doctrine & Marshall Plan, consolidated power by removing opposition in satellite states

1948: US, British and French parts of Germany rebuilt and consolidated with a ...

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