Japanese Invade Manchuria

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Michael Boland

Japanese Invade Manchuria

  1. What were the main aims of the League of Nations when it was set up in 1920?

The main aims of the League were:

 To discourage aggression from any nation.

 To encourage countries to co-operate, especially in business and trade.

 To encourage nations to disarm.

 And finally to improve the living and working conditions of people in all parts of the world.

The league felt that these four main points would help world peace and solve problems, reducing the amount of wars.

  1. Explain why the League of Nations failed to deal successfully with the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931.

This is because the league felt threatened by Japan. This was because Japan had a powerful army and navy and the army leaders dictated government policy. This meant that if the army majors did not like what the League was doing then they could also declare war on them. It shows that even when the Japanese Government officials told the army to withdraw, the army leaders just ignored them. This is an example of how powerful their army was and the league was extremely worried that if they butted in then the Japanese army would turn on them (it was clear that the army and not the government that was in control of the Japanese foreign policy). Also it had a strong industry (exporting goods to the USA and China in particular). These meant that if the League again decided to but in and try to stop Japan from fighting, then it would stop trading with the countries in the League. This would mean that their economy could collapse and they would loose out on a lot of money. Japan had also a growing Empire, which included the Korean peninsula. This meant that if the butted in not only would Japan declare war on them but other countries of its Empire etc.

Furthermore, China appealed to the League but Japan lied and said that ‘it was not invading as an aggressor, but simply settling a local difficulty.’ There was then a long frustrating delay. The league had took along time to reply (a whole year later) by this time the Japanese had already fought with the Chinese, and only one year on did they declare that Manchuria should be rightfully returned to China. The league failed here as it was not harsh and quick enough in treating Japan and after assessing that Manchuria to go back to China, the Japanese decided to invade even more of China and after disputes in the treaty the Japanese resigned and invaded Jehol.

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The league finally got into disputes between countries to whether or not they should trade with Japan. Britain felt that it needed to keep up good relations with Japan. But, after the resigning if Japan, the league was powerless and was crippling economically as Japan traded with USA and brought a lot of money into the League.

  1. How far was the League of Nations a Complete failure? Explain your answer.

I feel that the League of Nations was overall a failure; although I think that some good things came from the league and that it proved that it ...

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