Key Features of the Six Day War

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Key Features of the Six Day War

One of the key features of the Six day was the initial tension that built up between Israel and the other Arab states, namely Egypt and Syria. There were clashes between Israel and Syria in April 1967, Israel shot down six Syrian planes. Equally Israel was angered by the fact that Syria was supporting the on-going PLO raids which was contributing to hostility between Israel and Syria. On the flip side, Syria were convinced that Israel were planning an attack on them (made all the more tense by the Soviet Union supposedly confirming this), as a result tensions were high and war looked immanent.  Tension also built up between the Israelis and the Egyptians, when Nasser moved 100,000 troops into the Sinai in May 1967 whilst demanding the removal of UN peacekeeping troops and following that, Nasser closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping.

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This built up of tension ultimately led to the second key feature- war. On the 5th June 1967 Israel launched a devastating air assault on Egypt, Syria and Jordan destroying almost the entire Egyptian air force on the ground. By 11:35am, 250 Egyptian aircraft had already been destroyed.  Having gained clear and decisive air superiority, Israel launched their ground invasion using paratroopers, in the space of 100 hours the Israel’s had crossed the Sinai and reached the Suez canal and 85% of Egyptian military hardware had been captured.  Success was also high against Syria as the Golan Heights was captured, in ...

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