Key Features of the Warsaw Pact and NATO

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Explain the key features of the Warsaw Pact of May 1955

One of the key features of the Warsaw pact is that it was formed as a response due to West Germany joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). It was established in 1955 as retaliation and as a safety measure against the threat from the NATO countries. It was made up of Eastern European Countries. The Warsaw Pact was very similar to NATO and was signed by The Soviet Union, Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Romania.

Another key feature of the Warsaw Pact is it demanded a spirit of “sincere co-operation” and it will undertake a sense of international peace and it also said that it will reduce armaments and it will prohibit atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs and other weapons of mass destruction. However, this never occurred because all of them feared the West and they did not want to be vulnerable and because the Cold War was still present there was a lot of tension hence the re-armament continued and there was an arms race to s        ee what nation had the biggest and best army and weaponry.

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The final key feature of the Warsaw Pact is that it allowed for the Red Army to be based in all member states. This gave Soviet Russia and Khrushchev a lot of control over all of the Eastern European nations as his army was stationed inside the countries and this also provided a defence and a sense of security for Khrushchev in case there was an invasion from Western Europe and America because he had support from the Eastern nations.

Explain the key features of the NATO Pact

One of the key features of the NATO Pact is that it ...

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