Key figures in the Hungarian and Czech Uprisings

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Khrushchev -  presided over a period of the Cold War in which the USA and the USSR tested each others resolve by a tit for tat foreign policy of "brinkmanship." Each side pushed each other to the edge of war to see who would blink first. It calumniated in the Cuban Missile Crises in which both sides almost failed to blink at all. It was also a period when the USSR was arming and encouraging North Vietnam to launch its War of National Liberation against South Vietnam which resulted in the shooting war we call the Vietnam War.

Matyas Ragosi - Approximately 350,000 officials and intellectuals were purged under his rule, from 1948 to 1956. Rákosi imposed totalitarian rule on Hungary — arresting, jailing and killing both real and imagined foes in various waves of Stalin-inspired  – as the country went into decline. In August 1952 he also became . However, on 13 June 1953, to appease the , he accepted the Soviet model of collective headership.

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Imre Nagy - During Imre Nagy's leadership in 1953, he tried to implement his "New course". this new course included the abolishment of collectivization and allowing more individual rights. This gave Hungarians a sense of freedom, one they have imagined for so long. However, he was undermined and soon quickly replaced by hardliner Stalinist Rakosi once again.
As the Hungarian revolution occurred, the crowd demanded Nagy to be their leader, remembering the reformations that he implemented earlier. Throughout the revolution, Nagy once again made reformations such as creating a multi-party political system in Hungary and abolished the secret police force known ...

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