Key Worldwide Conflicts in WW1

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Key Worldwide Conflicts in WW1

5th October, 2010

The Eastern Front:

* The Eastern Front differed from the Western in that armies moved great distances during their campaigns. A Russian army of seven and a half million men faced Austria and Germany in autumn 1914. The Allies called it ‘the Russian steamroller’ and thought that it would move unstoppably forward. However Russian advance was held by men drawn from the Western Front, and German commanders Hindenburg and Ludendorff were helped in their defensive plans because they could easily decode Russian messages. In spite of their vast numbers of soldiers the Russian armies failed. Their military tactics and equipment were unable to match up to modern warfare.
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* In 1915, the Central Powers (Germany, Austria and their allies) attacked deep into Russia. There were great distances to be covered and the armies were spread more thinly than in Europe’s front line. Food was short and the weather was bad. Many Russians surrendered rather than fight in the terrible conditions, and some men shot off their own sub-zero temperatures.

* Russia’s fortunes changed briefly in June 1916 when General Brusilov successfully counter-attacked the Austrians and captured many prisoners. He was let down in the end by poor railway links, which meant that he could not ...

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