Martin Luther King.

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Martin Luther King, Jr                Laura Morris                English


Martin Luther King, Jr gave one of the most historical speeches of the 20th Century at the location of Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

It was the first time a black man had ever had so many people watching and listening, with his audience either stunned or exhilarated at the reality being spoken. It was probably one of the most memorable speeches of that time, and more importantly it lead to a change in segregation laws affecting millions of black people.


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There are many reasons why this was such a powerful speech. Martin Luther King used simple language, which conveyed a meaningful message without patronising the audience. Popular references were also used, such as Adam and Eve, and stating we are all equal. He used humour as well, which was straightforward and understood by all. The speech was in a simple format because many black men and women had not been educated as well as white men and women, if at all.  Martin Luther King used simple metaphors to ensure that his message was received and understood.


The imagery he ...

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